Hot Potato: Peruvian Film About A Woman With A Potato In Her Vagina Wins Berlin's Top Film Prize Berlins' top film prize, the Golden Bear, went to a female director this year for her movie "La Teta Asustada," which we hear has many interesting qualities- the most important of which is that it's about a woman with a potato in her vagina. The film is being called The Milk of Sorrow in English, but a more accurate translation would be The Frightened Teat. It follows a young Peruvian woman, Fausta, whose life is colored by the fact that her mother was raped during wartime- according to supposed Peruvian superstition, the mother's trauma is passed to any babies she breastfeeds, so Fausta lives in a constant state of fear. The result of this is that she puts a potato in her vagina to prevent rape. What?! We don't know. But we do know that the first thing out of Alex's mouth when she saw this was "Twatwaffle fries!" and this is perhaps the only appropriate response. Apart from the dubious use of "native superstition" for shock value, the movie has a lot of important things to say about fear and stigma and growing up in a male-dominated society. It's also pretty cool that a Latina woman won such a huge film prize for a movie about women. Lima-born Claudia Llosa found success with her first film, Madeinusa, (which also starred Magaly Solier as the female lead), but she's still in a minority. Check out the trailer below: We'll definitely be going to see this, if only to make hotpocket jokes the whole time.

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