New Pictures Of Kailey Alexandra, William Levy & Elizabeth Gutierrez's DaughterS

William Levy & Elizabeth Gutierrez are the Brangelina of novelas. Following such journalistic trends, we've decided to call this supercouple 'Williabeth.' We really hope you like it.

Last year gossip rags pissed off William Levy by publishing a picture of his newborn daughter Kailey Alexandra. He wasn't pissed because of privacy or anything like that — he doesn't have too much of a problem with those sort of things — but presumably because he could have made a pretty penny off them coveted images. Instead, all they got was some sh*tty bit on El Gordo Y La Flaca that lasted like 30 seconds. But whatevs, this ain't about that, this is about how little Kailey's parents couldn't think of a more frigid & white name for her. Wait, it's not about that either, it's about how she's all grown up. Here you go:

Check out pictures of Kailey Alexandra, William Levy & Elizabeth Gutierrez's daughter, right here.