Suzette Quintanilla Talks To Guanabee About Her Sister SelenaS Guanabee spoke to Selena Quintanilla's sister Suzette today, (the former drummer for Los Dinos who was played by our old friend Jackie Guerra in the movie Selena), about the release of a new Selena box set called La Leyenda and what it's like being the keeper of her sister's legacy. The first thing Suzette wanted us to know is that she doesn't consider this box set release to be a 15-year anniversary marker of her sister's death. She prefers to think of it as a look back at 15 years of her legacy. Her "leyenda" as the title puts it. There's a resolve in Suzette's voice. She is determined not to focus on any negativity where Selena is concerned. "I don’t want to go there. I don’t put any mental energy into that person," she told us when we asked her if she's forgiven Yolanda Saldivar, the former fan club president who shot and killed her sister.
We like to celebrate the fact that Selena left us with so much and she did so much in such a short amount of time. 23 years, she left such great things for us to cherish. When you lose a loved one, you cling on to everything.
Which is exactly what Selena's fans have done for fifteen years. Guanabee: How do you want people to remember your sister? Suzette Quintanilla: I think they’re already doing a great job in the way they remember her. Not saying "The Late Selena" when they play her on the radio. Our family really, really loves the fact that they don’t do that. Guanabee: She does live on through her music. Suzette Quintanilla: I think it’s beautiful that I can hear little kids talking about her at the museum in Corpus. It’s just awesome because these children will not even think about when she passed away.They listen to her and they admire her and they enjoy her music and our music. How can that not be beautiful?

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[caption id="attachment_106404" align="aligncenter" width="435" caption="Selena Quintanilla in yellow, Suzette in white, A.B., mom Marcella and a cousin in Mexico. "One word comes to mind (about Selena)," Suzette told us, "Goofy.""]Suzette Quintanilla Talks To Guanabee About Her Sister SelenaS[/caption] Guanabee: Tell me about the Selena you knew when you were growing up. Maybe before she was famous. Suzette Quintanilla: One word comes to mind: Goofy. She was definitely goofy. She was funny and always laughing at herself. Always sticking her foot in her mouth and saying things the wrong way and she'd crack herself up. Guanabee: Were you close? Suzette Quintanilla: We were best friends. We never fought. Just little things like, "you took my brush." I mean, we couldn't share clothes. I'm much bigger than she was, and we didn't have the same shoe size, so we never fought over clothes or anything. We shared a bedroom for most of our lives. We lived in a three bedroom home. AB [AB Quintanilla of Los Kumbia Kings] had his room and Selena and I were roommates. What you saw is the way she really was. [caption id="attachment_106408" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Selena, her dad Abraham and her sister Suzette Quintanilla."]Suzette Quintanilla Talks To Guanabee About Her Sister SelenaS[/caption] Guanabee: What's been going on for you in the past decade and a half? Suzette: After Selena died, I stepped away from being a musician and felt my calling was to work with my father [Abraham Quintanilla, manager for Selena y Los Dinos], developing new artists, and handling the business end of my sister's and brother's careers. But, I do miss that part of my life, being on the road. Guanabee: So do you think you'll ever return to performing? Suzette: I always say, never say never. In brother is working on his new album, and he likes to work with different artists. He asked Los Dinos if we'd perform on a track. We reunited to back Jose Feliciano. Guanabee: Wow. That's so cool. Suzette: Yeah, it was the first time in 15 years we played together. I felt a little rusty, but it felt SO GOOD to be with my other family, my band. AB's new album will drop in the next month or so and the first single, "Hipnótica" comes out very soon. Suzette Quintanilla Talks To Guanabee About Her Sister SelenaGuanabee: Speaking of new releases, tell us about the box set that drops today. What is special about it that fans should know? Suzette Quintanilla: I really like how the four discs are divided by genre. Disc 1 is Cumbia and Pop, Disc 2 is Tejano & Rancheras, Disc 3 is all in English and Disc 4 is all live. It's also the first time we include a booklet with messages from her fans. If you buy the 4-Disc set, you also get a Selena charm which is really cute, but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, EMI has gone out of their way to make three different collections at varying prices. Guanabee: Very thoughtful of them. So, while I have you here, I must ask you if you know Jackie Guerra who played you in the movie, Selena. Suzette Quintanilla: Yeah, I know Jackie. Guanabee: This is kind of funny, but she sort of has a beef with us. Suzette Quintanilla: Really? Guanabee: She got mad because we said she's mainly known for playing you and for losing a ton of weight. (Not literally a ton. Please don't get mad again, Jackie.) Suzette Quintanilla: Yeah, I saw her on Tyra Banks. I didn't even recognize her, but hey, the way I see it, however you can make money. Guanabee: That's what we say. We really didn't mean it as an insult. Suzette: You know, originally, she wasn't supposed to play me. They had this other actress who was super skinny with long, black hair. I was like, she looks nothing like me! They made her cut her hair and she was eating like there was no tomorrow. Guanabee: Hahaha. Suzette Quintanilla: Two weeks before shooting, she got the axe because she couldn't cut it acting-wise. Then they brought Suzette in and she just had this amazing energy. She was perfect for the part. Guanabee: Now that I've met you, I agree. She did a great job. Suzette Quintanilla:I'm sorry you two stepped on each other's toes. Guanabee: It's okay. In a weird way, it kind of worked with the site. Suzette Quintanilla: I'll have to check the site out. Guanabee: Please do! And thanks for spending so much time with us. We are super big fans of your sister. Suzette Quintanilla: Thank you for saying that. Look out for a La Leyenda box set give-away coming soon on Guanabee.