We're 99% Sure Caso Cerrado's Ana Maria Polo Is A Lesbian

Remember a while back when we wrote a piece about Caso Cerrado's Ana Maria Polo being gay? Back then, we were speculating. As of right now, we're 99% sure Ana Maria Polo is a lesbian.

This chisme has been haunting Ana Maria for a while. Still, no matter how strong the closet-outing evidence may be, she won't budge. Her powers of denial have become so great that not even the Pope himself can't match them. But you don't have to take our word for it, no. In fact, we're gonna tell you exactly what we know so you can make up your own damn chismosa/so mind.

We're 99% Sure Caso Cerrado's Ana Maria Polo Is A Lesbian

In March of 2010 TvyNovelas ran an article about a man named Damian E. Besil who claimed Ana Maria Polo was dating his wife, one Claudia Ramirez. Also, that both of these women had financially ruined him.

Ana Maria Polo took it to Al Rojo Vivo and said TvyNovelas was crazy and "irresponsible" for running such a piece because 1) TvyNovelas reached out to her but never published her comments and 2) Damian is a convicted felon so his words ain't worth shit:

Ana Maria goes on to say that she's never seen Damian E. Besil "in her life" and that she has "no idea" as to why this man is picking on her. (This is shady. You'll see why.)

ARV's reporter proceeds to ask Ana Maria what's up with Damian's wife, this Claudia Ramirez, and whether she's hitting it or not. Maria denies any involvement but she's not very convincing:

Ana Maria admits she knows Claudia but tries to downplay the fact that she used to be her co-woker:

"Yes, I know her. She used to be a producer in Caso Cerrado. She would, example, come up to me right before the show and say 'this and this person was married, blah, blah' and then I would take it [the show] from there."

Ok, so Damian E. Besil was Ana Maria's co-worker's husband and not some complete rando, huh?

But wait, her testimony gets shadier:

"Besides that, I found out way later that she [Claudia] was a client in my office [law firm]."

The reporter stops Ana Maria and tells her that ARV's team noticed Ana's own law firm was working the case of Damian's divorce with Claudia, and that perhaps that's why Damian was fucking with her. (Sounds reasona... *sudden halt* wait, what? Your law firm is divorcing this man — who by the way is also married to your co-worker — and you don't know who he is? That sounds totally plausible — or not AT ALL.) "Correct," says one straight-faced Ana Maria, "that could have been the motive. But come on! It's an ugly and serious fabrication by this man."

Emmm, you know what else is ugly and serious? Marlene Key's pink clogs! And thank god we brought her up because this is the part where she comes in.

Now, TvyNovelas wasn't just gonna sit there and take it. No, not TvyNovelas! One of the magazine's editors went on ARV the very next day and clowned Ana Maria all over again, saying she's just as full of shit as them. Why? Mainly because they had spoken to Ana Maria's rep, Marlene Key, who denied knowing Damian at all but fuck it up seconds later by saying "how can you give Telemundo's caterer any credibility!?!?"

Saaayyy whaaat? Here's the clip:

Now what really ties everything together is La Comay's interview with Damian himself who gently states he's not pissed at Ana Maria Polo for breaking up his marriage since he's a HOMOSEXUAL MAN who, upon both Ana Maria's and Claudia's request, married the Colombian-born Claudia so she could stay in the U.S. and BE WITH ANA MARIA! (Woooaaahhh!) No, what pisses Damian off is that he used to be a chef for Telemundo, a job he really enjoyed, and these two cabronas fucked it up for him (we don't get many details on how that happened). Even more important is the fact that Marlene Key, and by extension Ana Maria, DID in fact know Damian worked for Telemundo — or at least that he did something in the kitchen.

And yes, Damian and Claudia's marriage was arranged. But the pair did conceive a child and they did it the natural way. (Probably during one weird, turkey baster-less drunkapade.) Damian also confirms Claudia and Ana Maria are no longer dating and that Ana now hooks up with Marlene Key. Hear it from the horse's mouth:

See? Our speculations were dead-on! Es mas, the whole internet is on to her:

We're 99% Sure Caso Cerrado's Ana Maria Polo Is A LesbianS