Netflix Acquires Adam Mckay’s Asteroid Comedy “Don’t Look Up”, Jennifer Lawrence Will Star in It

A recent interview of Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she will be acting as a leading star in the set of Don’t Look Up. This is a comedy movie that will be directed by the famous director and producer, Adam McKay. Some legendary films like Vice and The Big Short were nominated for Oscar award.

The creative man, Adam McKay, is behind the writing and directing of the films. On the 20th of February, the official website of Netflix announced the news of acquiring the film, “Don’t Look Up“, a comedy film that is inscribed and directed by Adam McKay.

And the storyline consists of a funhouse that portraits today’s world scenario. There are two-downgraded astronomers who will try to convince the world with their knowledge of an approaching asteroid. They will warn the world residents about the danger of it.

From the official website of Netflix, we could see that they have planned out a rigorous time schedule that will start in the month of April. This plan also includes a release of movie or tv-series in the monthly span of September to December.

Though you can notice that McKay began his career as the writer “Saturday Night Live” and later on directed many comedy films like Anchorman, Funny or Die, he has shifted the focal point of his work to the subject of business and politics. He inscribed as well as directed movies like “The Big Short” and “Vice”.

Also, he is one of the executive producers and directors of “Succession”. When the reporters asked McKay about this news, he said that he is very excited to direct a movie that has Jennifer Lawrence as the leading star. He commented that the actress has amazing acting skills that will go smoothly with her character in the movie.

Moreover, he has also said that by acquiring the movie, Netflix has given him honor because global citizens can enjoy this comedy movie.

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