The Dragon Prince Season 4: Do We Have a Release Date and the Trailer

The Dragon Prince

Aron Ehsaz is the creator of one of the best cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. And another one of his noteworthy creations is the brilliant on-going Netflix animated series, Dragon Prince. However, that is not all! The show also has Justin Richmond, who is another exceptional artist.

Justin Richmon who has a hand in the making of one of the best games of its era, the Uncharted-3.

And both of them together have made a true work of art! The series is a fantasy-based, action, and drama masterpiece and is epic to watch! Furthermore, the remarkable soundtracks and effects give this masterpiece an even more realistic touch and make it a must-watch series.

With remarkably realistic graphics, superb storyline and character build-up and a little twist once in a while, keeps viewers hooked to the series. The show is based on racism and enmity between humans and magical creatures of the land of Xadia (the land of Xadia was recently introduced to the viewers).

After the end of season three, which was perfect and had the best ending for the three-season arc. We are sure that the third season has gotten your hopes high for the next season, season-4! And we are quite sure that you are tired of waiting for the next one.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

So, let us be the bearer of the good news! The new season is going to be arriving soon. How soon? Well, there were no official release dates, but speculations have it that the season-four for the show is going to be released in June 2020. And with a newer and more diverse plot for the new season.

Furthermore, you can be expecting new antagonists, characters, scenarios, and so much more. Ergo, if you thought that this is how the series ends, then buckle up as that is not the end of the line for this masterpiece.

It comes with more exceptional stories, plot-twists, and more that are going to keep you stuck to the chair throughout the whole time. Just a little more wait, and you will be enjoying one of your favorite shows again!

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer (Fanmade)

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