Robert Deleon

Robert Deleon was a famous producer and Chief editor of Jet magazine in the United States. He was born in California, October 14, 1950.

Robert Deleon: Facts You Should Know

Robert had a face like a Greek God and won the heart of many women. He was a typical example of the saying; black is beautiful with his black hair color and black eyeballs. He had a successful career before his death on March 31, 1950.

Robert Deleon

The Jet writer had two marriages in his lifetime and was survived with one child from his first marriage. There’d be no information regarding his first wife, but Diahann Carroll was his second wife’s name. They were still legally married till his involvement in the car crash that took his life in Los Angeles.

His surviving wife was a famous Hollywood actress, fashion model, singer, and human activist. They met in 1975 when Robert Deleon was on duty to cover her story for the movie Claudine OSCAR nomination. Carroll had two previous failed marriages before she tied the knot with Robert Deleon. The duo had a smooth going and produced a television show together before his death.

Popularly called Robert by friends and colleagues, he found joy in devouring library books and any writings he could lay his hands on. He has both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in English.

Before his death, he weighed 160lbs and was 5 feet 9 inches tall.

News Flash: Robert’s sun sign was Libra, the seventh Zodiac sign, which explains the reason behind his charming personality.

Robert was tight slipped about how family details before his death, but it was gathered that he was White Caucasian descent and a Christian.

According to sources, Robert was speeding under the influence of alcohol when he had a fatal accident. He was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles.

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