3 Reasons to Continue With Your iPhone X Instead Of Purchasing the iPhone 11 Pro

“If you have an iPhone, you have an iPhone” – a marketing statement created by Apple Inc. that has successfully taken over the mindset of millions of Apple fans. Owning an iPhone has turned into a statement. Consumers no longer purchase it for necessity but rather as an indicator of good social standings.

Apple fanatics don’t care if they have to wait in line for hours as long as they get their hands on the latest items. However, with every new launch, the quality and the wow factor that Apple previously had have been slowly diminishing especially after the launch of iPhone X.

The unveiling of the latest iPhone – iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has sparked controversies amongst most, including the Apple fans. Here are three reasons as to why you should stick to your iPhone X instead of upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro:

Battery Life

Apple stated that the iPhone 11 Pro is said to have a better battery life which will supposedly last up to 20 hours. The iPhone X on the other hand has a tested battery life of minimum 10 hours while running on 4G LTE and takes about 2 hours to fully charge the phone.

If you are yet to face any issues with the battery life so far, spending around $1000 to buy a new phone would be unnecessary when you can replace your battery for only $70.


The iPhone X has dual 12MP Wide and Telephoto cameras whereas the iPhone 11 Pro has Triple 12MP Ultra-Wide, Wide, and Telephoto camera with Night mode. The additional camera features are impressive but not necessary.

Unless you are someone who needs to have a good camera at all times, the slight upgradation in camera quality wouldn’t really be of much use to you.

Display & Performance

Both the iPhones practically have the same display and design. The iPhone 11 Pro has better brightness and contrast ratio, unless that is a big factor to you, you probably should still stick to your iPhone X.

On the other hand, iPhone 11 Pro is using A13 Bionic chip and third-generation neural engine which makes the new phone faster than any of Apple’s previous phones.

But, the iPhone X uses A11 Bionic chip with a neural engine, so the difference in the performance isn’t very significant. Unless you are a gamer, it wouldn’t be useful to you. But, if faster performance is what you are looking for, there are better alternatives than the iPhone 11 Pro.


An iPhone is developed in such a manner that it is supposed to last at least five years before it shows any signs of malfunction. Therefore, you don’t really have to upgrade every year unless the newer models have considerable changes.

The differences between the two iPhones aren’t prominent enough to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars for exchange or more than a thousand dollar to purchase a new one.

Many people think Apple has been slacking in the innovation department for the last couple of years so maybe they could use lower sales figures as a boost to innovate!

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