Matt Drudge Thinks That This 2020 Dem Has the ‘Nomination to Lose’

The Democratic presidential primary polls have been getting more and more intense as the US draws closer to its 2020 presidential election. Last month, legendary conservative blogger Matt Drudge weighed in on the polls and gave his view on who would wind. And according to him, there could only be one winner.

Late last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts overtook Senator Bernie Sanders to enter the second place, behind frontrunner Joe Biden. However, even before that, she had garnered the attention of many who touted her as a future presidential nominee.

Drudge’s Success Rate with Predictions

During the last midterms, Drudge correctly predicted the Democrats winning back the House of Representatives from the Republicans. Although the margin he predicted was off by quite a bit.

He had predicted 60 seats swinging over to the Democrats, compared to the 40 that actually did.

However, one of his most famous and important predictions was when he suggested Donald Trump would win the Republican presidential nomination, very early during the last polls.

Warren’s Rise

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign had been gaining momentum for months. Early last month, she placed second. By the end of September, she had climbed to second in polls.

One of her rallies in New York last month drew a crowd of 20,000 attendees. For now, she is sitting second. However, it might not be farfetched to believe that very soon; she will be leading the pack.

Will Drudge Be Correct Once More?

While the polls this time around appear to be more closely contested than ever, meaning predicted their end result is a treacherous task. Nonetheless, Drudge’s prediction has some very solid backing.

Joe Biden has been prone to gaffes and errors in recent months, something the public has been very keen to seize upon. While Bernie is essentially throwing the same pitch that failed to get him through last time.

Warren has connected with people through her charisma and claims of policy change. And if the New York Rally was anything to go by, the people, and other Democratic leaders, may indeed decide to pin their hopes on her.

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