Ben Shapiro’s Sister, Abigail

Ben Shapiro is a young political commentator and elite host of a podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show. He is outspoken about his beliefs and gets bombarded by controversies every day. Abigail Shapiro is the younger sister of the modern-day fiercely outspoken Ben.

Ben’s daring comments and his potential career have involved his sister, Abigail, in many controversies. Abigail’s life events are mostly not aired in public but we have fragments from “The Hidden News” for you.

Want to know about her life and all the trolling she’s been going through? Well, continue reading, as we unfold the mysteries.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister, Abigail: Facts You Should Know

Ben Shapiro’s Sister, Abigail


Abigail, sister of the popular columnist, editor, writer, and host, has a birthday on July 20th. In 2000, she arrived in Tampa, USA, and has lived there to this day. She is the daughter of Michelle and Eric Shapiro. There are 3 children, two sisters, and one brother. The Shapiro family is of Jewish faith and has a rather conservative mindset.

Abigail attended Joffrey Ballet School while in High school. Later, she did a course in performing at the Fordham University Academy. Dance and fitness are Abigail’s everyday activities. She is also an opera singer, who has a strong interest in painting and astrology.


At the tender age of 6, Abigail was exposed to a singing and dancing program, Entertainment Revue. in Florida. At the age of 12, this Shapiro girl outshone the others and moving up towards a professional career. She was offered an audition at this young age and was selected for the role of Cindy Lou Who, through which her career took off.

Abby was unstoppable after her first break and decided to launch something on her own. She, together with her sister, Milly Shapiro, formed a cabaret, which they named The Shapiro Sisters. This small sister group was the first to register themselves in NYC as owning a show.

Abigail is a brilliant American actor and a staunch activist against bullying. Appearing in Doom Season 2 as Dorothy Spinner, she became the apple of the audience’s eye. Being an activist, she played a prominent role in the concerts, No Bully and Planned Parenthood.

Despite being an opera singer, Abigail is an eminent YouTuber also. Her YouTube channel, Classically Abby, is hugely embraced by a following of 87.5k subscribers. However, she has been shamed and trolled for the unkind words of her brother, Ben.


Ben, due to his constant critical attitude, has always encountered trolling, along with his entire family. This is the main reason that Abigail comes under the spotlight and answerable. This brave girl is of identical cultural, social, and moral opinions as her brother. She stands by him on every one of his controversial viewpoints.

There are certain obvious reasons Abigail gets placed under the spotlight often. The first is her ruthless comments on the singing industry’s diva, Taylor Swift. Abigail mentioned her name and panned her for being “SJW” which, abbreviated, is Social Justice Warrior. In the video, she also stated, “I am no longer a fan of this singer.”

This telecast caused chaos across the internet and her ocean of subscribers swirled around as they became haters. The comments section also got flooded with verbal abuse.


Recently, the episode which has turned people against this conventional girl isn’t a reflection of her actions but is her brother, Ben’s, statement. Being an antagonist to non-conservatives and non-cultural deeds, he posted his despotic tweet on gays.

He gave a skewed example in the declaration, comparing a gay relationship with that of a brother and sister. He was of the stern view that if a  family relationship could form a boundary in sexual terms, why not so with gays. The statement, unfortunately, backfired on him twice.

Later, Ben erased this chat from the internet, but traces were left, indelibly, on societal minds. That’s why Abigail has been affected and trolled on social media.

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