Khalyla Kuhn

Gone are the days when knowledge was almost inaccessible. With today’s growth in technology, social media platforms remain repositories of all types of information. This far-reaching change has led to the growth of social media personalities. One of them is Khalyla Kuhn.

Kuhn is among the most followed YouTubers and social media personalities. Though, what brought her into the limelight is her marriage to the famous American comedian, Bobby Lee.

Khalyla Kuhn’s Bio

Khalyla Kuhn

Who is Khalyla Kuhn? Is it true she is a gold digger, as the rumors have it? Where was she born, and what was her early life like? This article is dedicated to answering all those questions. The best part is, I will inform you how Kuhn and Bobby met. Let’s get to the details.

Quick summary

Full Name: Khalyla Kuhn
Gender: Female
Age: 37 (as of 2021)
Birth Date: October 31, 1984
Birth Place: Cebu, Philippines
Nationality: American
Height: 5ft 6inches
Weight: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Robert young Lee, Jr(married in 2016)
Children: N/A
Profession: YouTuber, actor
Salary: $402-$6.4k per month
Net Worth Over $1 million


Early life: age, parents, siblings, family, and education

Not until Kuhn started a relationship with Robert Lee, were details about her life spread on social media. As you can guess, little is known about her upbringing. However, we do have something for you.

She was born in Cebu, Philippines, in the USA, on October 31, 1984. Hence, she is American. It is believed that her mother, Marites Kuhn, played an integral role in raising her. However, nothing is known about her father.

Kuhn has a sister by the name of Juliana.

About her education, even less is known. However, it is said that she is a graduate of biochemistry. Maybe she shares less about her education because it is not in line with her current career.

Body measurements

At almost 37 years old, Kuhn still maintains a glamorous appearance. With her long brown hair and beautifully shaped brown eyes, it is difficult not to notice her beauty. With her gorgeous figure, her height is 168cm (5feet 6 inches)

However, we couldn’t trace details about her weight, but we will update soonest. One more thing is that Kuhn is a tattoo lover, with one on her left hand and another one on the left side of her upper body.


Besides her brand, Kuhn is mainly known through her marriage to the famous American comedian. How did Bobby and Kuhn meet?

The duo met via the dating app, Tinder. Luckily, they had good chemistry, which led to a successful friendship, dating life, and later marriage, in 2016.

Before then, Bobby had not been seen with another woman, and actually, some people would say he is gay. Being the comedian’s first known girlfriend, and later, wife, explains why she attracted a lot of attention.

Career life

Academically, Kuhn is a graduate in biochemistry. Though that seems not to have been her thing because it is reported she hasn’t professionally practiced what she learned.

Her very first job was as a bar waitress. All credit to her outstanding work ethic and the go-getter spirit that made her rise above her meager waitress salary.

Even before meeting Bobby, she had started her YouTube channel, at around the age of 19.

After their marriage, Khalyla and Bobby started a podcast, titled TigerBelly. On the podcast, they are quite edgy by expressing almost anything, even the bitter truth. As of 2021, the channel had gained over half a million subscribers and still rising.

Also, Kuhn is an actor. She has been featured in MADTV from 2001 to 2009 in a television series. She has also starred in countless movies, with the most recent being the ABC comedy series, Splitting up together.


It is quite easy to think that Kuhn, being married to an already established personality, simplified her journey of fame. Well, we can’t withhold the fact that her marriage has played a significant role, but she has also had her share of difficulties.

The main one is being rumored as a gold digger, just because she had no established career when she married Bobby. Luckily, their relationship has stood the test of time, and Kuhn is working daily to be the most authentic version of herself.

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