Ex-Employee Accuses Robert De Niro Of Gender Discrimination

Recently, a lawsuit of 12 million US dollars filed by Graham Chase Robinson has caused an uproar in the society as well as Hollywood. The rumor goes that De Niro had provided an unfriendly work environment for his female workers.

Graham Chase Robinson

According to Robinson, Di Nero paid male employers higher wages. Furthermore, Robinson adds that Di Nero had zero respect for women. She has accused him of naming women working on set and has called Robinson herself as ‘Office wife.

In Robinson’s eyes, his sexist language meant that he has no regard for women.
The lawsuit that she filed said he is incapable of seeing women on equal terms with men and just doesn’t give a penny’s worth of care to the fact that this discrimination violates the law.

Ms. Robinson, as per Graham, she claims that this unprofessional and unsligthly behavior caused her to resign. She has stated that Di Nero harassed her by making abusive and vulgar jokes which are bound to make any female worker uncomfortable.

Robert Di Nero

Immediately after Graham’s lawsuit, Di Nero also had filed a lawsuit against Robinson’s. In his lawsuit he claimed that he has been falsely accused and instead accused Graham Chase Robinson of binge-watching online Netflix series along with spending a huge sum of cash on the companies’ credit card.

He has also stated that Graham’s statement of under wage was incorrect. Robert said that Graham has earned around a 300,000 US Dollar while she was under his employment.

The Aftermath Of The Dispute

Robert Di Nero is a famous actor who has won one the most prestigious awards in the film business, the Oscar. His name and fame make him wanted by many and, hence, have faced no sort of casualty.

Instead, it was Graham Chase Robinson who has faced the harsh consequence. She has been labeled a loaf, a thief, and a miscreant, and her reputation has been entirely tarnished. She currently is facing job issues, and her status on any sort of social media has become a joke and questionable factor.

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