Tim Cook Uses Supreme Court Filing To Protest President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Apple’s chief executive officer, Tim Cook, and President Donald Trump have had an awkward relationship.But in Cook’s most public rebuke yet, he protested against Trump’s immigration policies in a court filing.

Trump’s attempts to repeal DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which permits undocumented immigrants brought to the states as kids to avoid deportation, was met with disapproval by Cook as well as Apple’s Human Resources Chief Deidre O’ Brian.

The amicus brief was issued to the Supreme Court on behalf of Cook and Deidre O’ Brian and consisted of anecdotes from recipients of DACA (known as Dreamers), which told the stories of their struggles and eventual arrival into Apple.

Cook’s Previous Clashes With Trump

Tim Cook has made jabs at Trump and even spoken against his tariffs on Chinese goods and how they will hurt Apple. While there were previous briefs by Apple, this is the first time Cook and O’ Brian’s names have been attached and thus leading this to be a direct rebuke against the president.

Cook has been vocal about the issue of immigration before with his stance against the removal of DACA being in line with other major companies that filed an amicus brief.

Contents Of The Brief

Tim explained how Dreamers contribute a major part of Apple and saying how this issue is a moral issue. It mentioned how Apple employs 443 Dreamers coming from 25 different countries who have a wide range of skills and expertise to tackle problems with. The brief ran through 5 stories and referenced Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who was the son of a Syrian immigrant and stating how Apple would not have existed if not for DACA.

The Aftermath

This public denouncement by Cook will inevitably sour his relationship with Trump which was already strained. Trump has not replied or taken action against Cook’s rebuke yet.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the case in November with a decision expected during 2020.

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