How Tall Is Jim Jordan?

Jim Jordan, his full name being James Daniel Jordan, is a powerful USA politician. He represents Ohio’s 4th Congressional District in the House of Congress. Moreover, the politician is also the founder of Freedom Caucus.

In terms of age, the politician is 64 years old, but he has strength and muscle you won’t believe for his age. This came as a result of his career when he was younger as a wrestler. Moreover, he was a successful wrestling coach.

Jim Jordan’s Height

Jim Jordan is quite a tall man, standing at 6’0 feet. This is equivalent to 183 centimeters.

At 82kgs of weight, he is fit for his height.

Is He Taller than His Son Isaac Jordan?

Isaac Jordan is among the four children of Jim Jordan. He has two sisters and a brother, namely Jessie, Benjamin and Rachel Jordan. Isaac is into sports, following his father’s footsteps, even if not in the exact spot.

In height, Isaac is 5’6 feet, which means that he is shorter. Hence, to answer the question, Jim Jordan is taller than his son Isaac Jordan.

Bottom Line

Jim Jordan is masculine, with his height suiting his body. At 6’0 feet, he could be declared as tall.

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