Bre Ladd

Who is Bre Ladd? This is a female professional volleyball player in the USA, who has won several awards in the field. On top of that, she pursued the medical field on campus.

Ladd has played volleyball since she was young. In high school, she was already famous in the sport, featuring among the best junior volleyballers. She pursued Public health at Arizona University, where she continued to shine in the field.

Contrary to most talented people in the field, she still shone and was among the best in schoolwork.

The 36-year-old is married to Luke Walton, 40 years, who is also a sportsman, and in addition, she is a mother of two.

Bre Ladd Wiki

Personal Life

Bre Ladd was born on 19th April 1984 in Tucson, which is in Arizona, United States of America. Her parents are Bob and Tammy Ladd. The Basketball player has one brother, Josh Ladd.

How Tall is Bre Ladd?

Bre Ladd has a good model height for sporting. She stands at 6’1 foot, which is equivalent to 185cm. With an approximate weight of 67kgs, which is 147lbs, she can be declared fit. Her measurements make her land in a slim body.

Marriage and Family

The sportswoman is married to Luke Walton, who is a successful basketball player and coach. They got married in 2013, after dating for seven years.

They have two boys, the first born in 2014 and the second in 2016.

Net Worth

With a blooming Volleyball career, Bre is worth approximately 16 Million US Dollars.

In high school, she led her team to numerous wins. She was among the best players in Arizona Wildcats while in the university.

Participating in National Junior Women’s Championship in 2001 went into the record as one of her major successes.

Bottom Line

Bre Ladd is a sportswoman to reckon with, with no scandals on her at all despite her popularity. She actively participates in charitable work too.

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