Jasmine Grey


Jasmine Grey was born in San Francisco on May 21, 1999, to Jason Grey and Margot Grey. As of 2021, she is 21 years old.  Her father is a lawyer, while her mother is a photographer. She is the only child. While growing up, she was known as the most spontaneous girl, who did what she wanted, got what she needed, and chose to get the most from life. Below is a summary of her biography:

Real name/Full name: Jasmine Grey
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: May 21, 1999
Birthplace: San Francisco, U.S
Nationality American
Eye color Heterochromia: Blue and black
Height: 8 feet 5 inches
Parents: Jason Grey

Margot Grey

Sex orientation: Bisexual
Relationships: Jade Violet Stone (girlfriend)

Jilian Moore (ex-girlfriend)

Pets: Milo (dog)
Profession Musician


Jasmine Grey’s Bio

Jasmine Grey


Unfortunately, few facts are known about Jasmine’s educational background. However, as the daughter of a lawyer and a professional photographer, she must be taking her studies seriously. Judging by her interviews, she seems to be a knowledgeable and intelligent lady.

Body measurements

Grey possesses a body that is admired and desired by most ladies. She stands 8 feet 5 inches tall, while we estimate her weight to be 55 kilograms. She was born with heterochromia, which is an eye condition that results in different eye colors. Thus, she has two different eye colors, which are blue and black.


On her sexual orientation, Jasmine is bisexual.

She discovered her sexuality while in a bottle spin party with John Watson, after having her first kiss. However, she was quite afraid of how people would judge her. Thus, she decided to keep her sexuality a secret.

However, after interacting with the group, she later discovered they were less concerned and non-judgmental about her sexuality than she had thought they would be. Thus, she came out and met her first girlfriend, Jilian Moore. They later broke up, and she met her current girlfriend, Jade Violet.

Currently, the duo has a small rented apartment, where they live together.


Jasmine Grey is famously known for her career in singing. She already has one album out, and currently, she is working on her second album at Hollywood records. At the same time, she is attending UCLA classes

Net worth of Jasmine Grey

We believe that her first album must have made her a handsome sum of money. However, her net worth is estimated to rise dramatically in the future, due to the growth in her fan base and her regular song productions.


At the age of only 21, Jasmine has her first song album out. She is also already into working on the second song album at Hollywood records, while juggling her classes at UCLA. This lady is going to go far judging by her life so far.


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