Jeanette Ragland

Prince Harry’s grandmother is known to be among the most famous and wealthiest women in the world. However, Megan Markle’s grandmother didn’t have the opportunity to grow in riches, but she was spectacular in her ways.  It is said that she played a significant role in raising her granddaughter, Megan, and she was a single mother in most of her children’s lives.

Where did Jeannette Ragland grow up? And more importantly, how did she contribute to the upbringing of the tough woman we know to be Prince Harry’s wife? Please stick with me as we find out, among many other details, about Megan Markle’s grandmother.


Real name: Jeanette Ragland
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 1929
Death: 2000
Father: James Arnold
Mother: Netty
Profession: Nurse
Spouse: Joseph Johnson

Alvin Azell Ragland

Children: Doria Loyce Ragland(Megan Markle’s mother)

Joseph Johnson Jnr

Sandra Johnson


Jeanette Ragland’s Bio

Jeanette Ragland

Jeannette was born in1929 to James and Netty Arnold. She was raised and schooled in Cleveland. Even though we can’t tell her education level, Ragland must have gained excellent life skills from her parents.

She was introduced to married life at the age of 19, to Joseph Johnson, Snr, who was also a Cleveland resident. With Johnson, Ragland had two children, namely, Joseph Jnr and Sandra.

Unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways a few years later. Consequently, Jeannette was forced to raise his two children single-handedly. But a few years later, she gave love another try.

This time, she got married to her second husband, Alvin Azell Ragland.  With Alvin, Jeannette had her third child, Doria Loyce. Doria is mother to Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Markle. Nonetheless, this union didn’t last long either. After the divorce from her second husband, Jeannette didn’t enter another relationship. She raised her children as a single mother, which must have demanded immense sacrifice and hard work.

While raising her children, she was strict in instilling vital life skills and virtues, such as compassion. Fortunately, her children were keen to learn, which they later transferred to their children. It is no wonder that Megan is a humanitarian and always performing acts of grace.

Besides raising her children, she played a significant role in raising her granddaughters. For instance, while Doria, Megan’s mother, was far away, dealing with her career, Jeanette raised Megan.


Jeannette suffered a stroke in the year 2000, which claimed her life later. During her illness, her granddaughter was close to her, offering any needed assistance. Megan didn’t only give her the required company but also fed her, among other duties she performed.


Jeannette Ragland was the grandmother to the widely known Duchess Megan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife.

Besides, being a single mother of three kids, nothing could stop her from giving her children the best she could afford.

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