Joel Michael Singer

It is common to hear about well-known personalities, known for their talents, passions, or academic excellence. For Joel Michael Singer, it is a whole different story. Don’t be misled by his name Singer, as he is not a singer by profession.

This man came into the limelight after a video of him, fighting two men, went viral. Frankly, he must have had guts to face two men with no weapon, which is what the viewers must have thought. So, where was Joel born? Does he have a family? Or are there other controversies about him? Here we go! Let’s learn more about Joel Michael Singer.

Joel Michael Singer’s Bio

Joel Michael Singer

Real name/Full name: Joel Michael Singer
Famous for: Fight in Fort Lauderdale
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birthdate: 1989
Place of birth: Florida
Nationality: American
Sexuality Straight/Heterosexual
Height 1.77m
Weight: 77kg
Profession: N/A
Salary: N/A

Early life and education

Joel was born in Florida in the US, in1989. So, he is an American. Less is known about his upbringing and his parents. He is said to have graduated from the University of Florida and it is guessed he pursued a finance-related course. Yet, Joel is a Master’s Degree graduate in Business Administration.

Physical appearance

Joel stands at a height of 1.77mm tall and weighs 77kilograms. His eyes are black, while he has brown hair.

Personal life and relationships

It is not clear if Joel is married or not. Consequently, for now, we can’t tell if he has any kids either.  We are eagerly following updates on his profile, and we promise to get back to you if we get any details on this.


After his high school education, Joel Michael Singer entered the University of Florida. He graduated with an undergraduate degree and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  After the video of Joel’s fighting went viral, it was claimed that he was working at a certain finance company, Coastal Wealth Financial Planners.

Rumors and Controversy

Joel gained public attention after a video of him fighting in a restaurant, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, went viral. The fight began after an employee in the restaurant reported to the manager that Joel had punched him. It isn’t confirmed if the claims were valid, but they infuriated Joel. Joel questioned the employee, while the employee stood firm with his allegations.

To escape the quarrel, Singer started moving away from them but later was seen giving the manager a head butt. After that, he tried to escape and get away with the deed.

However, on his way out, he was engaged in another fight. Unfortunately for him, this time he was fighting against an ex-marine trainee who outmatched his fighting skills. The ex-marine held Michael in a headlock position until the police arrived at the scene. It took the police 15 minutes to get there.

Fun facts

  • A lot of memes contain the facial expression of Joel Michael.
  • He has tried removing all videos about him off the internet, but he hasn’t been fully able to.
  • During the time of the fight, the majority of the patrons in the restaurant were ladies.
  • The guy who brought him down is not a fighter, as most sources claim. In his interview, he said that he learned all his fighting skills by himself.
  • After the fight, more people respected the headlock guy, Steven Heflin, who at least tried to calm the situation, though in an inappropriate way, but the appropriate one for that situation.
  • While Singer was lying on the ground, the manager said, sarcastically, that he would have killed him that day, if it weren’t for the headlock guy.
  • During the fateful day of the fight, the police took only 15 minutes to get to the scene.
  • A reliable source claims that this guy works in a top-level position for a financial firm. We’re guessing he must be bright and hardworking.
  • Joel had to accept his appearance in the video that went viral, giving him the right to bring it down by claiming the copyright of the video.
  • The man who tackled Joel successfully is known, and Steven Heflin is an ex-marine for the Army National Guard.
  • Joel’s eyes are black, while his hair is brown.
  • He weighs approximately 71kg and stands at 5ft 10 inches tall.
  • The fighting happened at a restaurant located in Florida, at Fort Lauderdale.


At the mention of the name Singer, one would be forgiven for thinking that he has a melodious voice, with countless song albums on the market. Sorry to shatter your hopes, but Joel Michael Singer is known for none of the above.

The first time he received public attention was after he was involved in a public brawl.

The video of the predicament went viral a few days later. That led to him becoming known.

However, little is known about his family or romantic relationships.

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