Who Is Jim Jefferies Wife

Jim Jefferies, the American/ Australian comedian, has had two known women in his life. Nevertheless, he only acknowledged and announced a relationship with one publicly, Kate Luyben.

Here are some of the facts that you should be dying to know about Kate Luyben, who is still in an amicable relationship with Jim, despite having parted ways for more than 6 years now.

Who is Jim Jefferies Anyway?

Jim Jefferies, whose real birth name is Geoff James Nugent, saw the light of the world on 14th February 1977. Quite a great birthday to march Valentine’s Day, right? Sadly, the 43-year-old could be single for all we know.

He was born in Sidney, which is in Australia. He started acting when he was yet to graduate and has grown to become one of the most flourishing stand-up comedians in America. Besides his humorous words, he is a writer and also a film actor for comic series.

About Kate Luyben

Jim Jefferies Wife

Kate Luyben came to the world as Katherine Luyben on 30th June 1972. She is Canadian by birth and nationality.

Her parents’ and sibling’s identity are not yet known to the public.

Kate Luyben’s Career

Kate came to the limelight in 1996, acting the role of Candy in the TV series “The Sentinel”. She featured in other TV series after that, and by 2000 she was a celebrity to reckon with.

Thus, she was featured in the legendary film Shanghai Noon as Fifi. This is the film that was the biggest bang in her career.

She is also in other popular films such as 40-year-old Virgin, Legit, Two and a Half Men, and My Five Wives, among several others.

Kate Luyben’s Net Worth

Currently, Kate is worth more than 3 million US dollars. This does not come as a surprise, given the success of most of the films she’s been featured in.

Relationship with Jim Jefferies

In 2011, Kate Luyben met Jim Jefferies during their shoot on the comic film Legit. In 2012, they had a son together, Hank Jefferies.

Jim announced that they were together in 2013. However, the two broke up shortly after. It was the most fantastic break up you would think of, since both parties agreed that it was the right thing for them both.

The two are doting parents to Hank, and they make time for the boy in between their busy schedule.

Bottom Line

Jim Jefferies has never been married officially. However, his relationship with Kate has been the only official relationship, giving her an upper hand. Besides, they still meet for holidays and family time with their son.

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