Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is a 22 years old American national who is famous for possessing multi-talents. She’s not associated with a single profession. Celestia is a gamer, vlogger, social media influencer. Besides this, she has also performed in movies.

In this post, we’re going to discuss Celestia Vega’s personal and professional life, net worth, and other career highlights. Let’s read on.

Celestia Vega Bio

Celestia Vega

She was born on August 12th, 1998. Her birthplace was New York, but she presently lives in California. She carries a multi-talented personality, and she started to show her talent from a young age. Besides being an internet fandom, she also had her likes and interests.

She was only five years old when she started playing the guitar. Celestia was also interested in playing sports. Till now, she has participated in various sports such as soccer and track. Not just games, she was also fond of computers and learned about it during childhood.

When Did Celestia Vega Start Her Career?

Firstly, she joined the Twitch, where she streamed different games she played. Soon she gained popularity; she extended herself to various social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On these sites, she shares her vlogs along with other online videos.

What is the Net Worth of Celestia Vega?

The 22 years old streamer gained fame at a quite young age. She has made a successful career and is an inspiration for many young people who want to pursue a career like her. As of 2019, her net worth is approximately $200,000. Although she had taken a break from her professional activities, this hasn’t affected her income. She is a rising talent and will continue to grow exponentially as one of the most successful female internet personalities.

Did Celestia Vega Take a Career Break?

The simple answer is yes.  She took a four months break from the internet. Actually, she was acting in adult films, and the sexual content was disturbing her.

In December 2008, she became so exhausted that she left all social media platforms and became inactive, leaving her fans surprised. However, in March 2019, she uploaded a recorded clip on her YouTube channel with the title I’m back. Through this clip, Celestia explained to her fans the reason behind her disappearance and decided to quit the adult industry. Later she focused on her vlogs and games.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Yes! When it comes to relationship status, so, Celestia Vega doesn’t remain silent. On her social media accounts, she frequently talked about her boyfriend. However, she hasn’t revealed the identity and name of his boyfriend.

Celestia Vega’s Presence on Social Media

Celestia, for sure, is a rising internet star. She has a huge fan following on all the online platforms she uses. On YouTube, she has 564k subscribers, while on Twitter, she had 104.8k followers. She also uses TikTok, and her fan following is 92.4k.

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