Katelyn Faber

Katelyn Faber is an American woman who hails from Eagle county in the state of Colorado. On June 18th, 1985, she was born to Paul Louis Faber and his wife, Kristine Anne Faber.

She studied her senior high school education at Eagle Valley school before proceeding to Northern Colorado University.

In 2003 she had a mental illness, which caused her hospitalization. That was before some events that would significantly alter her life’s course.

Katelyn Faber: Facts You Shoud Know

Katelyn Faber

How did She Become Famous?

She first shot to prominence when she alleged that now deceased basketball superstar Kobe Bryant had raped her in his hotel room. The incident was claimed to have happened at the Cordillera Lodge and Spa hotel.

Bryant had booked a room in the hotel and happened to meet and invite Faber to his room, where they had sexual contact.

When the incident occurred, in the early 2000s, Faber worked at the same hotel and was only 19. The incident much embarrassed Bryant and even threatened to break his family.

His wife, who was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage due to the stress from the affair. At first, Bryant had denied he had raped or had contact with Faber on the alleged day of the rape.

He, however, changed his stance when the results from the rape showed traces of his semen. He backtracked and agreed that they had sex, but it was by mutual consent.

Faber had also claimed she was physically abused, pointing to the strangle marks on her neck. Bryant agreed, responded by saying he had choked or strangled her in the act of sex but didn’t physically abuse her.

During the trial, Bryant’s lawyers had attempted to discredit Faber’s testimony because she had been termed a danger to herself and had a prior hospitalization because of mental health issues.

Faber herself dint help herself by showing up for the rape test with traces of another man’s semen and pubic hair on her panties.

The case was eventually settled out of court, with Faber receiving a substantial amount of money from Bryant as compensation. Bryant apologized to her, her family, and his family as well for the stress they might have experienced.

He also admitted to speaking to her and knowing that she didn’t file the assault case against him to get some money off him.

The LA times approximate the total amount she might have received as compensation to be around $2.5 million.

Where is she Now?

After the notoriety of the events of the early 2000s had cooled down, Katlyn Faber withdrew from public life. She decided to keep her life as private as possible.

 However, before doing that, she had tried her hand at being a singer, notably auditioning and being a part of American Idol.

She lives away from the public eye with her husband, Cort Colon, with whom they have a child.

What is her Net Worth?

Katelyn Faber’s net worth is approximated to be between 1 to 5 million USD. Exact figures are, however, not known because of the secretive life she now leads.

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