Who is Katie Nolan Boyfriend?

Katie Nolan with Boyfriend

Do you find it fascinating when two people are just friends for so long then finally become a couple? This has been happening a lot lately, constant social media announcements proving it. Katie Nolan, the ESPN media personality, is not left behind on these trending romantic deals.

The former athlete is now dating Dan Soder, an actor in the HBO series “Billions.” They have been public on a series of interviews together. Soder had been to Katie’s show “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan,” which aired in Fox Sports.

On ESPN, Katie has had a number of interviews with Soder on the program “Always Late with Katie Nolan. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to realize that the two were just friends. Its been long since their first interview together, which was in 2017.

Katie Nolan?

Katie Nolan airs the program “Always Late with Katie Nolan” on ESPN2 as of now. On ESPN, Katie hosts a podcast going by the name “Sports?”.

She previously worked with Fox Sports, where she was a host with the program Garbage Time with Katie Nolan”. While working here, she won herself Sports Emmy Award in 2016, which went a long way into boosting her career.

As her programs suggest, she is a celebrity to reckon with, having all her programs tagging her name along.

Born on 28th January 1987, Katie is currently 33 years of age. She was born in Boston City, which is in the State of Massachusetts, USA.

Dan Soder?

Born on 23rd June 1983, Dan Soder is four years Katie’s senior. Though known as an actor, Dan is also a media personality and a stand-up comedian. He is Irish, though born and raised in Colorado, USA.

Most of the films he appears in are drama, including Billions, Drunk Parents, Alec Baldwin, Wrestling Soup, and Salma Hayek. Actually, he stars in Alec Baldwin and also Salma Hayek.

Katie Nolan and Dan Soder

The couple announced that they were together on 18th May, the year 2020. They seem happy together on their social media photos. With Dan’s humor and Katie’s natural personality, the couple is worth following up on.

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