Kinsey Wolanski Bio

Kinsey Wolanski Bio

Kinsey Wolanski is a film personality in addition to being a socialite and a model in major magazines. She was born on 30th August 1996. She is the socialite whose over two million-followed Instagram page was hacked.

Her life is full of surprises, and nothing seems too big for her. Let’s have a look at her engrossing public life story.

Kinsey Wolanski Bio

Personal Life

Kinsey Wolanski is the real and legal name of the actress-cum-model. The 24-year-old has kept her background in the dark, which is why no one knows about her family.

However, our research brought to light that the model has a brother. We are yet to discover whether he is older or younger than the model. She is also Russian and American. Resources differ in the exact place of birth, as some say that she was born in Russia while others dispute and state the USA as the place of birth.

Who is Kinsey Wolanski Dating?

The socialite was previously dating Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who is 28 years. They already broke up.

They are both a daring couple. Hence, they were not only a couple but partners in crime. Kinsey was with a group that invaded the UEFA Champions League that was between Liverpool and Tottenham. Streaking is a form of dare act, where the streakers attract attention by running naked or partially naked in public. In May 2016, Vitaly trespassed into a sporting event for fun. This led to his being banned from attending sporting events due to the act.


Kinsey is an actor and a model. She has featured in horror films ‘Slasher Party’ and ‘Ass Clowns: Constipated,’ which saw her rise to popularity. She acted as Brittany in Slasher Party, and Annie in Ass Clowns.

Her modeling career is successful, which has grown over time due to her socialite status. Additionally, her streaking act brought more fame to the model. It boosted her Instagram followers from less than 300,000 to over two million. Sadly, the page was hacked and deleted to protect the interests of the League.

People claimed that she must be a porn star to walk naked as she did in the league. She, however, denied the accusations. She said that her aspirations are in the real estate, and the act was just to boost her career objectives.

The model was banned from accessing any sporting stadium all around the world, especially during matches. This was as a result of the streaking act, which was termed as ‘disrupting’ to a serious event.

Net worth

Kinsey Wolanski is worth over 100,000 dollars, based on her assets and liquid account.

She has earned from her acting career and continues to gain much from her swimsuit modeling career.

Kinsey Wolanski IG

What’s More on Kinsey Wolanski?

She has featured in several magazines as a model, including Maxim, Sports Illustrated and BLVD.

She has an Instagram page and a Youtube channel where fans keep up with her trendy life. She is mostly modeling swimsuits and bikinis on her social media.

She is known as ‘Wo (Man)’ of the match, which was coined from her streaking act on the premier league.

The high-spirited model is a real estate investor, with a dream of retiring before 30. Despite the negativity that the league streaking erupted, the mirthful woman remains focused on her dreams and ambitions. She used it to her advantage, gaining more clients for her real estate firm.

Kinsey Wolanski IG

Check out her Instagram page, Kinsey Sue, for clear shots of her modeling adventure.

Parting Shot

Who is Kinsey Wolanski? You now have the answers you need for the trending name as you already read her bio.

If you are a daredevil, then Kinsey maybe your best role model.

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