Kayna Whitworth Biography

kayna whitworth biography

Kayna Whitworth was born on July 4th, 1982, and is a correspondent for ABC News.

Kayna Whitworth Biography

Family Life

She is the oldest child of Rocky and Mary Whitworth and has a younger sibling (brother) named Kallen. Kayna was born in Aurora, Colorado. Plus, she has a very caring family.


Whitworth was 19 years of age when she graduated from Grandview School in 2001. After she finished her school life, she went to Colorado State University, where she did her Bachelor’s in Media Studies and Communications. In 2005, she got her Bachelor’s degree in these two subjects.


Kayna is a remarkable columnist in the famous ABC News in LA (Los Angeles). However, she wasn’t always at ABC. Before joining ABC, she started in KTVZ as a journalist. Then she worked as a reporter then anchor for Oregon and, then she was selected by KOLD-TV.

However, in 2012, she was again haired by WHDH as a weekly morning anchor in Boston, Massachusetts. It was here where ABC news noticed her and decided to hire the talented women as a California-Origin correspondent in 2015.

And throughout her life, she has done some remarkable works. One of her most noteworthy work was in Hawaii. She covered an active volcano there, however, due to this project, she had to stay quite far away from her family and friends.

Nevertheless, she has been dynamic in the new-casting world ever since 2005.

Kayna Whitworth Wikipedia

Personal Life

Apart from having a successful field life, she is quite fond of her off-field life. When she was in WHDH, she met the young and handsome, Rhett Lewis. The two met in Boston when she was working under WHDH and had fallen in love.

Yet, soon Whitworth had to leave WHDH as she was picked by ABC. After she left, Rhet left WHDH for NFL Network, which was situated in LA (Los Angeles), where she was stationed. He later became an American games correspondent.

And soon, the happy couple got married on 15th May, 2015. Their marriage took place in New Orleans, and the two have been together ever since. Besides, they were recently blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Net Worth

As she has a very successful life, she has been living quite a healthy and comfortable life. Apart from her work, she earns from endorsements and other monitory things for her social sites. And she charges $84.7 and $ 141.2 per ads that are posted on her Instagram.

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