Krista Marie Yu

Krista Marie Yu, also known as Krista Yu, is an American actress, who primarily works in TV series. However, she has, sometimes, appeared in movies as well. For example, she had played the character of Molly Park in the famous family sitcom “Dr. Ken.”  She usually likes to play comical roles more than anything else, as we can see in the previous example. However, if given the chance,  she could work on more serious movies as well. The Marvel Comics-based TV series,” Agent Carter,” could be an ideal instance.

However, Krista Yu is known to be a well-known name in the world of movies, especially in Hollywood. Her first movie was “The Theater of Martin Lim – Krista.” It was a short film but got great reviews due to its intricate plot and excellent acting. However, since then, she has only appeared in three other films. Instead, she has worked more in the world of TV series. Her journey, in this respect, began in 2012, with the release of “Parenthood.” However, she only could get a small role as a waitress in it.

Nonetheless, it was the beginning of her well-acclaimed career.

Krista Marie Yu’s Bio

Krista Marie Yu


Krista Marie Yu was born on 25th October 1988, in the city of Berkeley, California. However, according to IMDb, her birthplace seems to be somewhere in Almada. She belongs to a four-man fifth-generation Chinese-American family. Aside from her parents and herself, the family has two other members as well.

However, since the beginning, Krista Marie Yu has been quite secretive about her family. Therefore, no one knows much in this respect. However, Krista does talk a lot about her grandparents, especially during an award ceremony. Hence, we do know for a fact that her grandparents have helped her a lot in her prolonged career.

Additionally, she also considers her grandmother, Mrs. Alice Fong Yu, to be her role model.

Personal Life

Just like the case with her family, Krista Marie Yu also likes to keep her personal life as safe and secure as possible. For this reason, she usually does not talk about her current relationship status at all. As a result, we do not know much about her partner. Aside from that, there is also no rumor available about her that would suggest that she had been in a relationship in the past. So, all we can do is wait for her announcement and see how the future unfolds itself in her life.

Net Worth

There is not much known about her bank balance or net worth either. So, a report revealed that the actress has a net worth of around USD 1 million to USD 5 million. The same research also suggests that all the revenue, which she has earned throughout her career, is from her acting career.

Acting Career of Krista Marie Yu

The scarcity of Asian actors and actresses in the Hollywood scene is quite obvious, to say the least. It also suggests how difficult it is for an Eastern individual to make a place for themselves in Hollywood. Nonetheless, Krista Marie Yu has always taken every limitation in her life to be a challenge. She considers this one to be the same as well. She regards it as a step that she needs to take to succeed in her career and become a prominent actress.

Throughout her career, Krista Marie Yu has always been known as an ideal choice for TV series. However, she had begun her career in Hollywood, by acting in a movie called, “The Theater of Martin Lim – Krista.” It was a short film. After that, she took a long break from acting to further her education. Once she was done, she came back and made her appearance in another short film again, named “Death to Romance – Hot Woman.”

After that, she started to get more and more offers for TV series. And, as an intelligent woman, she did not let those chances go by. Instead, from 2012 to 2015, she attempted to take on all of them, while polishing her acting skills even more. Her first breakthrough came with the series, “Dr. Ken” (2015), where she was cast in the main role. She did get a decent character in the 2015 movie, “Love the Coopers.”

Additionally, she has taken a part in the sitcom, “Last Man Standing.” It is quite an intriguing series and offers a lot of screen time to Krista Marie Yu. So, hopefully, it is going to be the biggest break in her career and help her to get better offers from the industry, going forward!

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