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Mike Majlak, or Michael Majlak, is a famous American YouTuber and author. The 36-year-old social media star is also the host of “Impaulsive Podcast.” After only a month, the podcast has gained over one million subscribers.

He gained popularity by collaborating with other social media stars, such as Logan Paul and Lydia Kenny. Mike currently works at his friend and former roommate’s company, as a marketing manager. The friend is no other than Logan Paul himself.

He met his “dream girl” while celebrating his 35th birthday. Mike and former porn actress, Lana, began dating shortly after. The celebrity YouTuber posted many vlogs of his girlfriend on his YouTube channel. Sadly, the couple broke up in early 2021.

Mike Majlak’s Bio

Early Life

Mike was born on January 13, 1985. He grew up in Milford, Connecticut. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn. From what he shares on his social media platforms, we know that Mike has two siblings, Abby and Jill. His sisters have appeared on some of his weekly vlogs.

From a young age, Mike was very active and communicative. His biggest goal was to see the people around him happy and smiling.

Surprising His Mom with a New Car

Although he doesn’t share a lot about his family, Mike posted a Youtube vlog called “THE NIGHT: Surprising My Mom with Her Dream Car!” The video gained over four million views.

Mike decided to treat his momma to a brand-new vehicle. Since they hadn’t seen each other for over six months, the social media influencer bought her a new car, when visiting her. His mom, evidently emotional, was thankful for her son’s grand gesture.


Majlak is a marketing manager for “Lovesac.” After starting there, he began working as a social media promoter for “Nice Guy Promotions” and worked as a blogger for “Essential Foodie.” His job at “Essential Foodie” entailed writing various articles in the lifestyle and health niche. Mike also worked as a photographer in his free time.

One defining moment in his career was meeting Logan Paul. The duo shared the same vision and passion for social media platforms. In 2018, Mike and Logan began collaborating on the podcast, named “Impaulsive Podcast.” Shortly after, Mike became a fan favorite of the show.

Originally published on April 22, 2020, Mike’s book, “The Fifth Vital,” details his life. In the book, the social media star talks about his troublesome childhood and how he managed to find a way to escape the darkness.

The YouTube vlogger, author, and marketing manager, also has his own YouTube channel. With over 2,7 million subscribers and over 70 vlogs, Mike entertains the fans by weekly sharing details about his private life. You can find more videos of his “The Night Shift Gaming” channel here.


Mike can take pride in having a vast audience, not just on YouTube, but also on Instagram. He has almost two million followers who follow his every move on the platform. His opinion matters, so for that purpose, many advertisers hire him to promote a product through a post.

His recent photos show that the average engagement rate of followers, under each post, is almost 20 percent. Based on this estimate, Mike earns between $600-$1000 per post, thanks to sponsoring a product or a brand.

Apart from earning money with the help of Instagram, Mike has a full-time job as a marketing manager for “Lovesac.” There isn’t a lot of information about how much he makes by working for this company.

He is a co-host at “Impaulsive Podcast,” together with Logan Paul. Because the podcast is such a success, we can assume that he earns quite a lot from it.

All in all, Mike Majlak’s net worth is between $500k and one million dollars.

Personal Life

The famous YouTuber first met Lana when Logan decided to throw his friend a birthday surprise. Blindfolded and shocked, Mike met his “dream girl” at his 35th birthday party. Lana and Mike began dating shortly after the party.

Mike’s fame grew after he announced his relationship with the former porn star, Lana Rhoades. The couple’s relationship was going strong, even though Paul broke up with Lana in October. He posted a YouTube video, titled “We Broke Up.” Luckily, the breakup only lasted for two weeks, and they got back together again.

People were eager to know more about the break-up. That was evident from the one million views on the video in less than a day. Even though fans were gushing over how cute the couple was, Mike and Lana are no longer together.

In a YouTube video, Mike talks about their latest breakup, saying that the former couple cares deeply about each other, even though they’re not together any longer.

In March 2021, Mike opened up in a post, where he shares insights about his mental health. He openly discussed mourning his hometown friend’s recent death. Also, instead of being home with his family and friends, Mike had to isolate himself at home, due to testing positive for Covid-19.

However, Mike was hopeful that things would look up in a matter of days, and he would be back soon, creating online content for his friends and fans.


The American social media influencer and marketing manager, Mike Majlak, has a career that many can only dream about.

Coming from a small place in Connecticut, Mike has made a fortune from collaborating with other social media influencers, one of them being Logan Paul.

The duo seems inseparable, working on various projects together. The eleven-year age gap between them doesn’t stop them from having fans who follow their every move.

Although recently there has been news that there might be beef between the two best friends, Mike and Logan won’t allow anyone to come between them. The podcast that they co-host speaks volumes about their friendship.

With a career that most people could only hope for, we are eager to know what Mike’s next move will be. In the meantime, you can follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where he regularly shares exciting content.

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