Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones entered the spotlight when she became known in the modeling industry and adult entertainment. As a model and actress, she has brought her life into the incandescence of fame, where the hustle and bustle of the crowd put her on top of her game.

Georgia Jones’s Bio

Georgia Jones

Personal Profile

Known as Georgia Jones in her field, this model and actress was born on the 4th of April 1988. Behind the stage name, her real name is Alison Michelle Thompson, whose nickname is Jonesy. She was born in Alma, Arkansas, United States.

She is an American citizen who works as an actress and a model. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and Christianity is her religion. One of her defining features is her beautiful grey eyes.

Georgia Jones’ interests and hobbies include traveling and swimming. Like any other models and actresses, she also likes to take photos of herself or selfies.

Body Measurements

Being part of the industry where one’s body is an essential commodity, Georgia Jones proved herself with her dazzling measurements. With a height of 5’7”, she weighs 112 pounds or 51 kg. Aside from this, she has a slim body and a total body measurement of 34 – 24 – 35 inches.


Georgia Jones started her career as a model during her teenage years. She ventured into the industry at a young age, allowing her to master her craft in the early years of her life. She then explored her skills by advancing to nude modeling after she turned 18.

Aside from modeling, she also sailed into acting. Her journey as an actress began in 2007 when she entered the industry of adult entertainment.

She has featured in more than thirty international magazines and has been on the cover of many of them. She was also hailed in various categories, such as Penthouse Pet of the Month and Hustler Honey, where she bagged it twice. She also joined some commercials, like Fiat Automobiles. Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones worked together in this industry.

Personality of Georgia Jones

With the fame she has gained, Georgia Jones remains grounded and continues to enjoy her life. She is a woman who searches critically for inner truth. Aside from this, she dwells on various issues comfortably and likes to untangle mysteries or difficulties.

She focuses on problems and deals with them by thinking about them thoroughly and from all angles. Doing so allows her to make wise decisions.

Georgia Jones has been seen to enjoy her alone time. Nevertheless, she also works well with people, especially in the industry she is working in. Good communication and socializing skills are essential, and she handles them well.

Her personality exudes happiness. Georgia enjoys what she does, and it makes her work more manageable and filled with enthusiasm.


Doing what she’s passionate about, pushes Georgia Jones to do her best all the time. Though her path is strewn with a mesh of different people, she learns to control herself and to look closely at her what is most important to her.

She always lights up the stage, whether she walks down the runway or hits the cameras with her acting skills.

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