Mor Shapiro


Mor Shapiro is the wife of Ben Shapiro, one of the most famous public commentators and hosts in the media today. Aside from being Ben’s wife, Mor had also made a name for herself as a medical practitioner. She is now based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Mrs. Shapiro’s family was originally from Israel and she was also born there. But they eventually emigrated to America when she was a child. Later on, when she was 12, her family settled in Sacramento, California.

While her husband is used to being center stage and in front of many people, Mor is the complete opposite. She is a reserved person who enjoys being out of the limelight rather than being exposed to the press or a huge crowd. This is not surprising since she is not involved on any social media platforms.

Mor Shapiro’ Bio

Mor Shapiro

Personal Life

Mor Shapiro’s name was Mor Toledano before her marriage to Ben. She was born in 1988 in Herzliya, Israel. She is 5’5 tall or 165.09 in centimeters and weighs 141.09 pounds. Her hair color is dark brown and she has tantalizing blue eyes.

Aside from her studying in the field of science, Mor had always been a music lover. She started venturing into the world of music when she was little. She was naturally inclined to doing it and had a great passion for singing. Like Ben and her father, she is fond of music and able to learn how to play instruments, such as piano and violin.

Interestingly, Mor enrolled in vocal classes where she thought her voice range was not that good. Despite that, she continued her love for music and brought it with her even when she was studying medicine. She was able to prove her talent and was able to earn a spot in an acapella group at her school.

Career Life

Mor Shapiro currently works as a medical practitioner. Her journey to being a doctor had never been easy. But, because of her love and passion for this field, she was able to conquer every affliction she had to face each day.

Mor studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she took an undergraduate degree, majoring in psychobiology. Her fascination with the association between the mind and body made her decide to study the course.

She dedicated her two years after graduation to research in the same school. Her research focused on developmental neuroscience, wherein she dissected information about early life adversity, focusing on its effects on brain development in children.

At the school of medicine, at the same university, also called David Geffen School of Medicine, she bravely continued her path to becoming a doctor. The brilliance of Mor in her chosen field is not just limited to the four corners of the classroom, however.

Aside from being a student, she also worked as an instructor. She dealt with clinical skills during her time as a teacher. She managed her time very well and was able to accomplish all the responsibilities needed, both in school and at work, with flying colors. Her busy schedule during her medical school days did not stop her from learning and sharing her knowledge with others.

Though Mor had been excellent in her medical journey, she was taken into the media spotlight when she married Ben Shapiro. This was the start of her growing popularity with bigger audiences around the world. As of now, Dr Mor Shapiro works as a family medicine practitioner. She is based at Woodland Hills, California, where she shows her excellence as a doctor. Her job is to look out for the health of families and children in varying conditions.

Family and Marriage

The love story between Mor and Ben started through Ben Shapiro’s younger sister, Abigail. Abigail introduced them to each other, which started the spark between the two. Their love for each other was true and brought them to their engagement in 2007.

Without wasting any time to be together as a family, Mor and Ben finally took their vows in the church during their unforgettable wedding in 2008. The wedding was a traditional Jewish ceremony that took place in the beautiful Acre, in Israel.

Ben was 24, while Mor was 20 at the time they got married. Mor was even studying for her undergraduate degree, while Ben was up for a job in New York. They were excited about being together and dreamed of their future family being healthy and happy.

A Mother’s Touch

Ben and Mor’s love gifted them with two children, whom they cherish unconditionally. One is a girl, and the other is a boy. Their son was born in 2016. Their daughter, Leeya Eliana Shapiro, was born in 2014. Her first name was crafted in association with God. In contrast, the second name entails the feeling of gratitude that Mor and Ben felt when their first child came into their lives. Ben even composed a letter to his daughter. He said how much he and Mor prayed to God for them to have a baby.

However, Leeya developed a rare disease. The condition is called Atrial Septal Defect or ASD, wherein there is the formation of a hole in the septum of the heart. Immediate surgery was needed, so she underwent major open-heart surgery in 2015.

Mor Shapiro is the reflection of all women who are strong-willed and dedicated to their work. Though she is more comfortable being outside the spotlight, her attitude towards life radiates beautifully .

Her passion for doing what she loves, like music, is inspiring. Her journey to becoming a doctor also serves as a guide for those who want to take the same path. But more importantly, she stands out the most as a wife and as a mother to her family. This makes her a true queen in her own life.


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