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Tammy Slaton is an American reality television personality and a social media figure. She initially gained fame through a video of her sister, Amy Slaton-Halterman’s  YouTube channel, where they did the chubby bunny challenge.

In 2020, Tammy, along with her sister, Amy, starred in TLC’s reality series “1000-lb Sisters,” where they take on a weight loss journey.

Tammy Slaton’s Bio

Tammy Slaton

Personal Life

Tammy Slaton was born on July 27, 1988, in Kentucky, United States. She went to Union County High school with her sister. The sisters were raised by their grandmother because their mother worked multiple jobs to provide for the family. They associate their weight gain with the death of their grandmother with whom they had a very close relationship.

They also have a brother, named Chris Slaton, but there is no public detail regarding their father. However, they mourned the loss of their stepfather on January 6, 2020.

Tammy and Amy have been obese since their childhood days. They experienced bullying from their schoolmates, due to their weight. They have experienced several health problems, like the risk of heart attack and diabetes.

These led to Tammy developing several mental issues where she almost took her own life. She also shared that she didn’t leave the house for six years due to the fear of other people’s reaction to her weight.

YouTube Career

In 2014, Tammy started appearing on Amy’s YouTube channel. Most of the channel’s content is about their daily lives and DIYs. Their “Chubby Bunny Challenge” video was their first video that reached a million views. This boosted their online presence and they started gaining more popularity. They also earned collaborations with brands, like Crafty Croc, through their YouTube channel.

As of now, Tammy Slaton has her own YouTube channel, named Tammy Slaton. Her channel currently has 116,000 subscribers. Her videos vary from vlogs, make-up videos, product reviews, or quick video updates about her life.

TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters

On January 1, 2020, the first season of the reality series “1000-lb Sisters” aired. The series shows the lives of the sisters and their journey to weight loss. During this time, Tammy weighed 608 pounds while Amy weighed 406 pounds.

The trailer received mixed responses from different platforms. Some were critical of the sisters’ lifestyle and expressed their disbelief. Despite the critics, the series gained popularity and the sisters gained massive support from the viewers.

In the series, the sisters had a co-dependent relationship due to their weight. Tammy struggled with basic tasks, like buying groceries, and had to rely on other people for help. Tammy became heavier throughout the series while Amy lost weight.

Eventually, only Amy was qualified to undergo bariatric surgery because Tammy didn’t meet her goal weight. In the second season, Tammy started progressing positively with her weight loss. She lost 21 pounds in a year although her weight still tends to fluctuate.

There were times where she would constantly complain about her difficulties instead of focusing on what she can do about her situation.

In 2019, the sisters expressed their seriousness in their weight loss journey in an interview with People magazine. They made changes in their diets, primarily removing sugar, and resorting to low carb and high protein foods.

They also found their favorite exercises which helped them to lose weight. Tammy likes to swim while Amy favors walking and dancing. The sisters stated how the series helped their self-esteem and relationship drastically.

Tammy also came out as pansexual on the show. She mentioned that she is open to date anyone regardless of their gender. She was also in a romantic relationship with Jerry Sykes. Her family and most fans suspect that Jerry is enabling Tammy’s food addiction. Her brother, Chris, even had a one-to-one talk with Jerry to stop him from giving her junk food.

Health Conditions

Due to her weight, Tammy has been experiencing several chronic health issues. She battled with mental problems due to her weight. Tammy also had a blood clot in her lungs that almost killed her. In addition, she has thyroid complications and high blood pressure. She also has diabetes and is at high risk for heart attack.

In November 2020, she contracted COVID-19 and pneumonia. She was put on oxygen after experiencing complications. She recently got out of hospital and was able to meet her nephew, Gage.

Social Media Influence

Tammy Slaton has established her own social media image after gaining popularity. The sisters appeared on the Kentucky newspaper’s front page. Tammy also has her own Instagram account, @queentammy86, where she has over 170,000 followers.

With their weight loss publicly shown, they have gained supporters who are hoping for them to reach their goal weight and get healthy. They usually express their concern and are hoping that she will keep positive influences in her life.



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