Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole has been in the front line since high school, where she became a model. Other than that, she is popularly known for her acting career. The 36-year-old is American by nationality.

Taylor Cole’s Bio

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Taylor Cole


Taylor was born on 29th April in 1984. Her birth town is Arlington, which is in the State of Texas in the USA. She was taken care by her dad, who separated from her mom.

She is also associated with Shawn Christian, the actor married to her mom, Deborah Quinn. The couple has a son together, Kameron Christian, who also happens to be Taylor’s only brother. Amazingly, Taylor acted with her step-dad in ‘Summerland,’ which was really cute, especially if you know that they are related.

For her junior high, Taylor went Mirabeau B.Lamar High School. Here, she realized and embraced her modeling career during the constant travels with the school volleyball team.


Even after school, Cole still pursued her modeling career. She was the face of Crest toothpaste, Old Spice, and later, Dooney and Bourke handbags.

 In 2004, she visited her mother and step-dad, which is where her star in acting started to shine. There were auditions then in the film ‘Summerland,’ and she went to try her luck. She won the role of Erika Spalding, hence her decision to move to Los Angeles.

Summerland‘ brought the young actor to the limelight, and she was able to get other roles in prominent series such as ‘Supernatural‘ and ‘NUMB3RS‘. Moreover, she got Bianca’s role in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigations‘ and John Cena in ‘12 Rounds‘. Surprisingly, she has also tried horror acting and is featured in ‘April Fool’s Day.’

Over and above that, Taylor has featured in TV shows and a spectrum of movies and films as a guest-star.

Once in a while, Cole has appeared in music videos, such as ‘The Walk‘ by Mayer Hawthorne, among others.

Despite being so engrossed in the acting career, Cole still does modeling. Actually, she happens to be under Nous Models Management, based in Los Angeles.

Taylor Cole Net Worth

Taylor is worth around 19 million dollars, which she garners from her blossoming acting and modeling career.

Marriage and Children

Who is Taylor Cole’s husband?

Taylor Cole’s ex husband name is Kevin Simshauser, who is a real estate personality. They have a daughter together, Tatum Woods.

Recently, Taylor Cole is married to Cameron Larson, who is a producer.

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