Eve Chilton Weinstein

Eve Chilton Weinstein hails from a well-to-do family in the US, whose riches have trickled down for generations. She also joined the film industry and worked at Miramax as an assistant.

This alone is cause for the lady’s famous name, but this was nothing compared to the popularity she gained when she married Harvey Weinstein. So, ready for the juicy story behind the hourglass-figure 65-year-old?

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Bio

Eve Chilton Weinstein


Eve Chilton, born to Tom and Maude Chilton, csme to this world on 1st September 1955. Maude Chilton comes from an opulent family in New England. She is related to the first ever attorney general in UK, Edmund Randolf. He, together with  others, founded Hunton and Williams law firm.

The firm became the first global law firm, and the source of the family’s wealth and posh lifestyle. The family often spent their summer vacations in Massachusetts, and belonged to affluent clubs around the city.

Her father, tom Chilton, worked as an investment consultant around Boston, where he made a bountiful income.

Thus, the family was in the papers once in a while, bringing Eve in the limelight through her family.

Relationship, Marriage and Children

When she landed a job at Miramax, Eve Chilton worked as an assistant under Harvey Chilton, who she started dating in 1986. In 1987, the loverbirds tied the knot in a grand wedding.

The marriage bore three kids, all daughters, namely Remy, Emma and Ruth, born in 1995, 1998 and 2002 respectively.

In 2003, the marriage was already going through turmoils, and the two decided to break up in 2004. The divorce was peaceful and private, contrary to what we would expect. From the divorce, Eve got their 23 million apartment that was in Central Park. She also got custody over the three daughters, though Harvey had permission to visit them and spend time with them.

In the same year that she divorced, Chilton found a new love in Sal Martirano. They divorced not long after, and Chilton decided to settle alone with her kids in New York, having already sold the apartment that she acquired from the divorce settlement with Weinstein.


At college, Eve pursued a career in the film industry, which saw her working under Hervey Weinstein when she landed a job. Miramax, the producing company she was working for, was successful, hence paying off well.

Not much about her career progress is in public after her marriage to Weinstein in 1987.

Net Worth of Eve Chilton

Hailing from a wealthy background, Eve would definitely be decadent. Then there are the numerous divorce settlement property and money that she received from Weinstein.

First off, she got an apartment that averaged 23 million US dollars. Then, she had a grand amount of 60 million when the divorce case was finally over. She was to get an annual remuneration of 50,000 dollars for vacation expenses as though that was not enough.

Nothing was heard from Chilton, as she lived the secluded life away from the public eye. Nevertheless, in 2017, her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein was in deep trouble for sexual assault and rape cases. The cases were so many that it was evident that he would not crawl out of this a free man.

Therefore, Eve Chilton Weinstein took a step to claim 5 million dollars child support from Weinstein. At least, she said, she had to get the money before he ran bankrupt from paying off lawyers and demands from the accusations.

Her Husband’s Case

Harvey Weinstein was charged with sexual harassment in October 2017, not by one, but by several women working under him.

He was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment in March 2020, charged with sexual assault and rape. He is serving the jail term at Wende Correctional Facility as of now.

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