Triple H Suggests CM Punk’s Possibly Return to the Company


As we all know, the exit of our favorite MMA fighter, CM Punk is also known as Phillip Jack Brooks, from WWE was quite a talked about topic. Punk declared his retirement out of nowhere and went into the shadows for a couple of years. Fans were desolated as to why he had taken that step.

But after 5 years, we finally get to know his reasons for leaving the entertainment business in such a manner.

The Squabble That Caused His Retirement

On the 27th episode of Art Of Wrestling, Colt Cabana- the best friend of Brooks, had invited him to his show. It was there where Punk had finally revealed the reason for his retirement.

In that 2 part interview, he clearly stated about the lack of creativity of McMahon compared to Triple H and that WWE’s medical team, especially Dr.Chris Amman, who did not pay him much support.

Chris Amman didn’t take these allegations lightly and filed a lawsuit on both Punk and Cabana. But after the interview, Mr.McMahon publicly apologized to Punk.

Triple H Asks CM Punk to Come Back

Recently, Triple H quoted his father-in-law, “We’re open for business’. The past is passed, today is today, and you never say never in WWE”. This is one of Vince’s most used catchphrases and shows that WWE wants him back in the business.

Furthermore, Punk has stated that he has given heed to the offer by Triple H. But, unfortunately, he has included that he isn’t interested to wrestle anymore.

Punk has sat for an audition for a backstage reality show and is waiting for an answer from FOX. Though his return to the entertainment business might not happen, his fans are still hopeful to see him back in the arena.


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