Max Payne 4: Why No More Games Will Come from This Famous Franchise?


The first Max Payne game was released back on 23rd July 2001. And, had become famous among gamers since then. All of its previous sequels, Max Payne-2 and Max Payne-3, have been a hit in the gaming community, and fans have been waiting for the latest one.

But after waiting for 7 years, fans who are eagerly waiting for the next sequel, the Max Payne-4, are scared that they might never see it. And, we hate to bear the bad news that their nightmare may become a reality.

Why Do We Say That?

Firstly, after the end of Max Payne-3, the game ended in such a way that renewing its story again might be next to impossible. The ending of its third sequel gave it the ending the developers wanted, and bringing it back from there seems tough.

Furthermore, Rock star Games are focusing entirely on their new projects like the GTA (Grand Theft Auto)-6. So, there is a high possibility that the sequel for the famous thriller-based game could have reached a dead-end.

Though it is considered to be one of the best thriller-based games in its era, the game didn’t bring revenues that the developers were hoping for. More importantly, Rock star is taking less risk with their games. They are sticking to the games which are giving them the most profit and are upgrading them for better game play.


Right now, the revival of the game is nothing more than a hoax as there has been no official declaration or anything which would indicate that the 4th sequel is under development.

And, its developers are busy with different projects and, hence, there is a slim chance for the game to ever go into development again, and the heartbreaking reality is that we might never see a Max Payne-4.


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