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If you are into coding and the IT world, you have probably heard of XName. Simply think of XName as a property on an XML file. Briefly, an XML file describes the structure of specific data on a web page. As property on XML, it is used to describe the name of data.

You may be forgiven to think that XName and Name attributes can be used interchangeably. However, there are some differences between the two attributes.

Also, it’s important to find out at what point one should use one in place of the other. One major question will be to find out if there are any implications if one accidentally uses either wrongly.

When should you use XName?

There is nothing wrong with using XName every time; however, sometimes you can use Name to be able to reference the XAML cs code.

In XAML, there’s only XName, which is the framework it uses to map one element when applying RuntimeNameProperty Attribute on a specific class. In this case, it becomes the XAML XName attribute.

Define XName

Generally, XName is a concept of XAML that references certain elements. When you assign the XName XAML attribute, the field specified by the XNAME becomes a name that occupies the code when XAML processing is taking place.

It’s worth noting that a field is generated irrespective of users using Name or XName. In situations where you’d like to name the USerControl and by any chance it’s within the assembly, then you can use the XName because of restrictions in the XAML parser.

Bottom line

There is, of course, no doubt about the fact that neither of XName or Name can be used alongside the binging element name. However, it has a wide scope and can be used in metadata during runtime.

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