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Elaine Irvine discovered her talent in modeling when she was still a teenager. At 16, she was ready to leave home so as to concentrate on modeling as a career.

She has featured in several magazines and stood out as the face of renowned brands.

Personal Background

Elaine Irwin Blome (full birth names) was born on 16th August 1969. Her birth town is Gilbertsville, which is in Pennsylvania in the USA. She grew up here until she was 16 years old when she left in pursuit of her career.


Her photo was featured in Seventeen magazine, which captured the eyes of several photographers that would later be stepping stones in her career.

She was featured in ‘Round and Round’ track, which added to her fame. She landed a modeling job with Ford Models. She appeared in a spectrum of magazines in the US, including Cosmopolitan, Fame, and Glamour. She was also on Vogue beauty cover, which attracted many connected photographers, which was to her advantage.

The attractive model also graced the red carpet for respectable companies such as Calvin Klein, not to mention Victoria’s Secret.

Marriage and Family

Elaine Irvin was married in 1992 to pop music star, John Mellencamp. They settled in Indiana, on large 56-acre land.

 In 1994, she gave birth to her first child, a son, Hud Mellencamp. In 1995, her second son, Speck Mellencamp, came into the world.

In 2010, John and Elaine had marital challenges that led them to divorce the following year completely. Nevertheless, the two decided to have a peaceful co-parenting for the sake of the two boys. Hence, they both still settled in Indiana.

In 2013, Elaine announced her engagement to Jay Penske, Dragon Racing IndyCar Team CEO. Penske is a successful millionaire in the car racing industry. He is nine years younger than Elaine.

They had their first child later that summer, a daughter.


How tall is Elaine Irvin? Elaine stands at 1.8 meters, that is, 5’11 feet.

How much does Elaine Irvin Weigh? Her weight has not been confirmed, though it varies with time.

Parting Shot

Elaine Irvine is a successful model who has had it all in the modeling world. Her natural beauty, ranging from her lustrous and voluminous blond hair to her serene-looking face, won her the attention of most photographers.

She is a good mum to her three children, two sons and one daughter.

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