Addie Andrews

Who is the Young Actress Really?

Addie Andrews is a young actress who made her path to fame right from toddlerhood. Do you know that she started acting at the age of two? Well, you probably don’t know that she could dance at one and a half years and could sing melodiously at three years of age. Isn’t it amazing?

While it is true that a couple of her siblings are also in the film industry, it is undeniable that the lass has outstanding talent in comparison. Besides, her two actress sisters are younger, so, she must have paved the way for them.

Addie Andrews’s Bio

Addie Andrews

Let’s cut to the chase and get into the juicy details of the successful actor and musician’s life.

Background, Birth, Parents, and Siblings

Addie Andrews’ parents celebrated her birth in 2005, in New York, U.S.A. Her birth name is Addie Rose Andrews, her acting name, Addie Andrews, and her nickname, Adds. Due to her rather private life, we don’t yet have her exact birth date.

Though some of Addie’s family members are in the limelight, it is surprising that her parents are not. She has not disclosed her parents’ names, though we know a few interesting facts about her brothers and sisters.

Addie has four siblings, with two of them already in the acting industry. They are Brookie Andrews, born in 2007, and Savvy Andrews, born in 2010. Her older brothers are Ryder Andrews, who was born in 2000, and Jaxon Andrews, who was born in 2003.

So, though she has two older brothers and two younger sisters, interestingly, only the girls in the family are in the field of acting, and extraordinarily successful at that.


Addie Rose is both a talented musician and actress and her ability was recognized at a very tender age. When she was eighteen months old, the pretty baby girl could already take on dance moves.

However, it was not until 2011 that her name went global. And remember, in 2011, the beauty was only six years of age. So, it was the movie, Annie, that ensured that so many people were interested in Addie Andrews. In the movie, Addie Andrews is the little girl, and, amazingly, she still goes by the name Addison Andrews.

On top of acting, Addie also possesses a melodious voice. She participates in high school musicals and formed a singing band with her friends. However, she does solos whenever she gets an opportunity. People cannot resist her voice, neither can it be denied that the teenager has a voice to be reckoned with.

Net Worth of Addie Andrews

While it is evident that the little girl started making a livelihood at a young age, her exact net worth is hidden from the public. However, we know that she makes a lot of money from her acting career, especially from the movie, Annie, which was a great hit.

Does Addie Andrews Have a Boyfriend?

At sixteen years old, Addie is currently in high school. At that age, some girls already have boyfriends or girlfriends. The celebrity must certainly have numerous suitors, based on her status and beauty.

However, Addie Rose has not yet come out about any romantic relationship. We will just have to wait for any such news. Or, she probably does not want to date at her age, given that she needs a lot to balance in her life, considering her career and education demands.

General Outlook

Addie is of white ethnicity, and she has dark, wavy hair, which she enjoys leaving flowing.

At her age, you find her in trendy teen clads, and she is vivacious and outgoing. The lass also grabs every opportunity to model and sing, other than attending acting auditions.

A more interesting fact is that there are no public social media accounts in her name. It’s either she has them all private, or, which would not be surprising, she may have restrictions from home not to own one yet.

Addie’s Celebrity Siblings

Addie’s two younger sisters, who are also actresses that other kids admire, actually share some of Addie’s fans and she shares some of theirs.

Brookie Andrews

Brookly Belle Andrews, which is Brookie’s official name, was born in 2007. She is sandwiched in age between her actress sisters, Addie Rose and Savvy.

Brookie took after her sister, Addie Rose, and started an acting career at a young age. She has only appeared in short local films but aims to go global eventually.

Savvy Andrews

Savvy is the youngest in the Andrews family and also chose to follow in her sisters’ footsteps. She was born in 2010, so, she will be eleven years old in 2021.

Like her sister, Brookie, she is only acting locally so far, and she and Brookie aim to someday feature in international movies, just like their sister, Addie Rose.

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