Tiffany Towers

Tiffany Towers is a 39-year-old American actress known for her appearance in a wide spectrum of films. Amazingly, the actress is also an equestrian, which means that riding horses is a passion of hers, which benefits her career.

While acting comes as a by-the-way for many actors and actresses, Tiffany kind of knew what she wanted right from the start. Besides, she started acting when she was only six years old and went on to study theatre arts in college.

Tiffany Towers’s Bio

Tiffany Towers

Let’s venture into more about Tiffany Towers:


Tiffany was born in 1981 and celebrates her birthday on 19th June. Her birthday tells you that she is a Gemini, according to the zodiac signs of astrology, which describes her correctly: she is friendly and talkative.

Towers keeps her personal life private, and this includes her parents, siblings, and childhood life.

Nevertheless, we know that she is American, born and raised in Southern California. The fact that she attended her first auditions at six, in Santa Monica, is proof that she grew up in that area.

For her college education, she joined Barnard College, a constituent of Columbia University. There, she pursued Theatre and Psychology as subjects, graduating with an honorary degree. Her final thesis was a solo performance, which she not only wrote and directed herself, but she was also the character portrayed in it.

After that, Tiffany went on to expand her knowledge of acting at the New York Film Academy. There, she had the experience of more than just live theatre, because of her understanding of the dynamics of acting.


To Tiffany, her career is all about acting, which started early in her life. Later on, she would appear in Sister, Sister, a TV series in 1999, as the “Girl at FreakNik.”

She has featured in movies such as Stella in 2005, where she took a customer role. In 2006, she was in Tre as a horse rider, performing a role involving her favorite hobby.

Then, in 2007, she was an extra character in Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee. She performed exceedingly well in another movie also,  where, in the same year, 2007, she acted as herself, in Temptation.

Other than acting, Tiffany also takes on acting projects and is also a theatre arts trainer. She works between Los Angeles and New York, depending on where the opportunity arises.

Net Worth of Tiffany Towers

From acting to training and directing projects, Tiffany earns a handsome livelihood. Her approximate net worth is around fifteen million US dollars, which is quite surprising for someone who keeps such a low profile.

Height, Weight, General Looks

Tiffany stands at 1.63 meters tall, which is roughly 5 feet 4 inches. She is slender, with an hourglass figure, always keeping fit. However, we are yet to get her approximate weight.

Moreover, Tiffany has long dark brown hair, which she keeps flowing onto her shoulders. It is usually wavy, and there are instances when she sports a fringe. Her eyes are brown, as well, blending perfectly with her hair color for a beautiful look.

What about her outfits? She is either in jeans or in pretty dresses, though she rarely posts photos of herself.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

Tiffany Towers does not air her personal details in the public eye, and strangely, her dating life is also private. At her age, the media doesn’t know whether she is married or dating or whether she has any kid at all.


Towers is into internet surfing, and she also loves reading and exploring new ideas. Traveling and photography are also on her list of hobbies, which she loves balancing with her acting, for a thrilling life.

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