Is Michael Portillo Gay?

Is Michael Portillo Gay

Michael Portillo, the English politician, was in the public eye almost as soon as he left school. It was, therefore, not a surprise that people are wondering about his sexuality. However, this was never much of an issue until he made a statement in an interview that he had had gay relationships in his youth.

So, what is all this about Portillo being gay?

First off, it would be unfair to say that Michael is gay, especially since he is a married man and one who has maintained his marriage for over thirty years. Would it be more appropriate to describe him as bisexual?

But then, in the interview, he clearly stated that he had gay relationships, but only in college, where he studied for four years. Nigel Hart, a gay activist, claimed that he had sexual relations with Portillo, even before Portillo was of the legal age for gay relationships, which is at 21 years of age.

However, even he agreed that their relationship ended when Portillo started courting his wife, Carolyn Eadie Portillo.

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No other man has come forth to claim a gay relationship with him during his entire marriage, so he may be living a straight life.

The bottom line is, Portillo may be bisexual, faithful to the partner he commits to, man or woman.

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