Agnes Storm Holch Povlsen

Remember the Sri Lankan attacks that claimed some innocent lives in 2019? Well, Agnes Storm was one of the young lives lost in the bombing, since she was on vacation in Sri Lanka during that period.

Agnes Storm Holch Povlsen’s Bio

Agnes Storm Holch Povlsen

Anders holch povlsen & Agnes storm holch povlsen’s Relationship

Agnes was the daughter of a Denmark tycoon and CEO of several companies, Mr. Anders Holch. Her mum, Anne Holch, is the wife of the tycoon.

Birth and Family

The couple was incredibly happy at the birth of their second daughter, in 2000, who became the second born in a family of four children. Her other siblings are her older sister, Alma, her younger brother, Alfred, and her youngest sister, Astrid.

The prominent family lives in Denmark, where Agnes Storm was born and raised, making her Danish in nationality.

Her Father (Holch Povlsen)

Do you know the world-class clothing line, Bestseller? Well, Anders Holch is the owner, in addition to owning large tracks of land in Denmark. And that is not all; Agnes Storm’s father is among the richest multi-billionaires in Denmark.

After the death of his three kids, he was left with one heir, Astrid Povlsen.


The Povlsens went to a private school in Denmark, Skovvangskolen, which maintains the kids’ privacy.

Even so, her family is always as private as possible, with only the obvious things in the limelight.


Agnes Storm loved traveling and spent most of her holidays traveling around the world with her family. Her favorite holiday spot was Paris, where she enjoyed snacks and French cuisines.

On top of that, she had an athletic body, which she utilized by engaging in sports activities, such as badminton and swimming.

She was close to her siblings and always had posts of them, on social media, enjoying life together. Even in their last vacation together, her sister Alma had posted a photo of the siblings having a good time in Sri Lanka.

Career of Agnes Storm Holch Povlsen

Agnes died when she was still young, at school-going age. Therefore, the dark brown-haired girl did not get an opportunity to pursue her career.

However, as far as net worth goes, she enjoyed the posh life that her filthy rich family afforded. She could have inherited the same, along with what she would’ve earned on her own.

The Sri Lanka Vacation

In April 2019, the Holch Povlsen family went to Sri Lanka for their Easter holiday celebrations. They stayed at Shangri La Hotel, which happens to be among the most affluent hotels in the city.

However, the holiday turned sour, as terrorists had prepared nasty suicide bomb attacks. The attacks were directed at notable hotels and churches, and among the targets was Shangri La Hotel.

Agnes Storm’s Demise

The attacks led to Agnes Storm’s death, along with her sister and brother, Alma and Alfred, which was a huge loss to the family Only young Astrid survived.

Together with those of her late siblings, her body was flown back to Denmark for the last rights. They were buried on the same day, in the cemetery of the largest church in the city.

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