Zelina Bexander

Zelina Bexander is among the top-rated most beautiful wives of sportsmen, in the public eye. Besides, her husband is a world champion, who is among the few holding K-1 and also MM1 kickboxing titles at the same time. You must already have an idea about him, the European boxing champion, Alistair Overeem.

Zelina Bexander’s Bio

Zelina Bexander

Though she has successfully managed to keep her private life out of the public eye, we have a few fascinating facts that we would love to share.


One of the most important facts is the age of a person, which Zelina has never disclosed. Though there are speculations that she was born in 1993, nothing confirms it as yet.

However, she confirms that she was born and raised in Sweden, in a town known as Gothenburg. She attended school there, graduating with a Degree in Business Management, from the University of Gothenberg.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

Despite her husband, Alistair Overeem, being in the limelight since the age of 19, there was no media coverage of the engagement or marriage ceremony.

Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that the two got married in 2011, and they have relished the fruits of marriage ever since. In 2016, they brought their first daughter into the world, a beautiful angel by the name of Yazzley.  In 2017, the couple again welcomed a second daughter, Sensi-Liss Royce.

Besides Yazzley and Sensi-liss, Zelina has a step-daughter, a child from Alistair’s first marriage by the name Storm Overeem.

Though Zelina is constantly on the move between the US and Netherlands for work reasons, the family lives together.

Her Husband, Alistair Overeem

Overeem came into the world on 17th May 1980, to a Jamaican father and a Dutch mother. His city of birth is London, England, but he and his brother grew up in the Netherlands. This came about as a result of his parents’ divorce, which led to the boys being brought up by a single mother.

Alistair joined the boxing world at a tender age, motivated by his older brother, Valentijn Overeem.  Valentijn also happens to be a commendable boxer, working with MMA and under United Glory’s organization.

Alistair Overeem trained in boxing long enough to win his first match when he was only 19 years old, where he beat Ricardo Fyeet.

After this, he went on to compete in the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix, and though he lost, he did not give up that easily. After all, he had beaten the Light Heavyweight champion from UFC, Vitor Belfort, and taken the title from him.

Among his many triumphs and failures, the heavyweight fighter never loses his zeal and boasts several championship winnings, including K1, Dream, and Strikeforce.

He also receives a lucrative salary from his fights, which has given him a net worth of 7 million US dollars, as of 2020.

Zelina Bexander Career

Zelina landed a job with AkzoNobel, where she is an administrative assistant. Given her husband’s salary and a promising career, one would imagine that she would quit working? But this is not the case, as she is a committed employee of the company, where she has worked for a long time.

Net Worth

We do not have the exact figures of her net worth, but Zelina is currently making a minimum of 60,000 US dollars yearly. This means that even without her husband’s support, the beautiful lady is financially stable.

On top of that, Zelina shares her husband’s wealth, which is estimated at 7 million dollars of net worth.

Generally, she lives a luxurious life that she doesn’t have to talk about to confirm. It is evident from her happy-life photoshoots and facts about the family earnings.

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