Deontay Wilder Wife’s Facts You Should Know

Among the three romantic partners that Deontay, the WBC champion, was identified with, he has only been married to one, Jessica Scales Wilder. Therefore, even though she is currently his ex-wife, we still want to know more about her. After all, she is the only one who has won the champion’s heart, to the point of marriage.

Though Jessica prefers to stay private in all areas of her life, we dug out a few fascinating things that we are dying to share with you.

Deontay Wilder Wife’s Facts You Should Know

Let’s dive into interesting facts about the beautiful and amazing lady, Jessica Scales.


Jessica’s exact date of birth remains a mystery, but she is Simon and Lynnette Scales’s daughter. The family lived and raised their daughter in Alabama, USA. However, it is not yet clear if they have other children, besides Jessica.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

Scales tied the knot, in 2009, with the world’s heavyweight champion, which instantly brought the young woman into the limelight.

Their marriage yielded three kids, two boys, and a girl, namely, Deontay Wilder Jr, Dereon Wilder, and Ava Wilder. She was also a stepmother, who went against the myth revolving around stepmothers, as far as her stepdaughter, Naieya, was concerned.

Naieya is the beautiful and firstborn daughter of the superstar, who was born special, suffering from spina bifida. Scales treated her as though she was her daughter, and though the two are no longer related, Scales still has connections with the girl.

Sadly, the marriage between Jessica and Deontay did not even last a decade. In 2017, they divorced, though the reason for the divorce remains a mystery. Some people blame Deontay’s current fiancee, Telli Swift, for the separation, but neither Jessica, Telli, nor Deontay has confirmed the rumors.

Jessica Scale’s Husband (Deontay Wilder)

It is difficult to remember Jessica, without thinking about Deontay Wilder. Deontay came into the world on 22nd October 1985. He started boxing at the youthful age of 20, and despite the failures and challenges he experienced along the way, rose to become America’s first WCB champion in the next nine years.

In the same year, 2005, he welcomed his daughter Naieya, who, he says, was his main motivation for his commitment to winning.

In 2015, his dreams finally came true, and he became the first WCB heavyweight champion from the USA. The USA finally had a champion after nine years without one, so Deontay was a kind of a savior. Impressively, the champion held the title for six years, until 2020, when he had to give it up to Tyson Fury.

Bronze Bomber? This is the stage name that the heavyweight champion adopted, after winning a bronze medal in 2008, in the Olympics held in Beijing.

Other Women in Deontay’s Life

Other than Jessica, two other women are identified with him, romantically—Helen Duncan and Telli Swift.

Duncan is the mother of his first child, Naieya, though the relationship never blossomed into marriage. However, the boxer takes good care of his daughter and is proud to be identified with her.

Then, after Jessica, there was Telli, who the boxer has been dating for around three years now.  They have a child together, and Telli has a child from a previous marriage also.

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