Alexus Whilby

Whenever you are related to a star or a celebrity, you will automatically get a stardom ticket. This is what happened to Alexus Whilby, who got married to Kyle Chrisley.

Kyle Chrisley is a former TV reality show personality, not to mention that he is the son of a famous American tycoon, Todd Chrisley.

Alexus Whilby’s Bio

Alexus Whilby


Alexus was born in 1991 in the State of Atlanta, USA. Not much of her parents is known, but her father passed away in 2017.

The girl hails from an African-American family, hence her ethnicity. Her complexion is chocolate, with grey eyes, medium height, and a medium body outlook.

She pursued her degree at Oglethorpe University in the US, majoring in Biopsychology. She graduated from Oglethorpe in 2014.


Alexus got married to Kyle back in 2014. Kyle was deep in drugs, and his life seemed hopeless. However, with the help of his wife, he managed to take control of his life. He completely stopped doing drugs and became a sober man after that.

The two even formed a band together, and they have a YouTube channel where they occasionally post their songs.

Though they do not have children together, Kyle had a daughter from his previous relationship, Chloe Chrisley.

In January this year, though, Kyle started sending messages that were deemed life-threatening to his wife. He was arrested and taken to Oklahoma police station.

Her father-in-law had stated that she was blackmailing the family, but the couple is currently separated.

Career of Alexus Whilby

After graduating, she joined ALTA Language Service, where she worked as an accounts manager. Today, she still works there, in charge of the business development department.

With her husband Kyle Chrisley, they formed a singing band in 2014, named Lexi and Kyle Chrisley. They produced a track, Shame on You, which failed their expectations, and so they quit the industry altogether despite encouragement from fans.

Moreover, Alexus is the joint owner and also the manager of Home Design and Business Development, which is a subsidiary of Whilby’s Company, LLC.

Net Worth

Alexus Whilby’s net worth is not yet clear, but she is approximately earning more than $64,000 on a yearly basis.

This is from her successful career and probably marriage assets.

Bottom Line

Always smiling, getting along with people, and her ability to change her husband’s life for the better makes Alexus an icon. Above all, her ability to move on in life in all optimism is fantastic.

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