Paris Dunn

Paris Dunn, otherwise known as Pris Dylan, is a socialite as well as a model, famous due to both her career and entanglements. Besides being involved in a catfish when she was 17, Paris is currently dating a 73-year-old American artist.

Paris Dunn’s Bio

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Paris Dunn was born on 22nd February in 1994, to Suzi Dunn and Jack Crone, and interestingly, it is a car racing family.

 Let’s see, her father, Jack Crone, is a longtime car racer, in addition to being a mechanic. Her younger sister joined the trade and is a renowned car racer too.

Though Americans (she was born in California), the family is of Chinese descent.

What about The Catfish?

Paris Dunn has been a model since high school. Nevertheless, she came into the limelight at age 17, when she had a catfishing scheme. Want to know more about Paris Dunn catfishing?

Well, Paris had a large following on social media, which she relished. She also started following celebrities, like Chris Anderson, an NBA star. At one time, she received a direct message from Anderson, and the two got along really well to the extent that their relationship deepened. They started sending selfies and later nudes, and at the climax of it, all Dunn visited Anderson for a weekend.
After that, she started receiving threats, to the extent that she involved her mum and the police. It was later realized that Anderson was not behind the whole truce, but a third party played catfish to both Dunn and Anderson.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

Since 2016, Dunn has been in a relationship with the 73-year-old American artist, Don McLean. You can bet that this relationship raised an uproar, but for a socialite like Dunn, the craze only added to her following, to her career’s advantage.

Don came out to defend that his girlfriend was no golddigger and that, on the contrary, she has been a great help to his music show outings.

On her part, Dunn regularly posts her boyfriend on social media and claimed that life is not worth it without him. The two seem to be in true love, and they have continued to defend it regardless of people’s opinions.

The lovebirds are not married yet, and they have no children as of 2020.

Career and Net Worth of Paris Dunn

After the catfish, Dunn garnered more following, and she even got more modeling opportunities. She modeled for Playboy, a men’s magazine that is popular for featuring semi-nude models. She also had a contract with Maxim magazine and the CHIME.

With an Instagram following of over 500 thousand, her social media modeling is quite a success as well.

She always grabs an opportunity to post her photos, which adds to fans’ updates on her life. Most of her photos are semi-nudes and in bikinis, and her beautiful body and smile attractive.

Her net worth is somewhere around 3 million dollars, which she gets from her boyfriend’s career and allowances.

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