Aren Marcus Jackson

Do you have a passion for seeing animals in a happy environment, rescued from possible harm, and even adopted? Then Tia Torres must be your type, and I hope you watch her show Pit Bulls and Parolee, based on Animal Planet. So, Tia Torres is the wife of Aren Marcus Jackson, and also one of the major reasons he now hits the limelight.

Aren Marcus Jackson’s Bio

Aren Marcus Jackson

If you are looking forward to knowing more about Aren Marcus, join my bus, and let’s take the show on the road.


Not much of his childhood is known, but Jackson was born and raised in the US. Also, he was born of American parents, who are Caucasian. He is said to have a troubled life as a kid, which consequently led to his gangster behavior.

He was always on the wrong side of the law as a kid. Thought he would change as an adult, or after meeting the love of his life? Unfortunately, he did not.

His Relationship with Tia Torres

Jackson met Tia back in the 1980s, during Tia’s search for a stray dog owner. What’s more, the meeting sparked a friendship, despite Jackson being in prison. They were pen pals for a long time, at least until he was released from prison in 2006.

Aren Marcus Jackson Children

The two immediately got married and lived a happy life. They have 4 kids, Tania, who is from Tia’s past relationship, Mariah, and their adopted Hawaiian twin boys, Moe and Kanani.

Not much is out about his biological daughter Mariah, but the family constantly posts photos on social media. Usually, to say hello and wish fans a good time but nothing personal.


There was a time when Tia posted that she and Jackson had been divorced for a long time. She gave reasons that suggested that distance could be the reason since the two had hardly lived together.

After marriage in 2006, Jackson was again arrested for around eleven felony acts. Though pleaded guilty, every piece of evidence pointed out that he was guilty. He was again sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, just a year after he was released.

Therefore, he has only had the privilege of freely spending time with his family for just a year.

Bottom Line

Aren Marcus Jackson has had a tough time in life, spending the largest part of it in prison. He should leave prison in 2022, having served his 15-year term. Since his divorce is not yet official, let’s lookout for more updated news about the issue.

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