AliveCor’s Chief Medical Officer Is Hired by Google Health

Looks like Google Health has taken one step further in building a stronger health support team. Recently, they have added a new member in their team, Dr. Jacqueline Shreibati, who also happens to be the chief medical officer of AliveCor, a freelancing wearables company.

The big gun of the technology world has hired Dr. Jacqueline to report to the chief of Google Health, Dr. Karen DeSalvo. A spokesman has confirmed this information and has also announced the addition of DeSalvo to the team. He was hired in October and is going to lead the whole team.

Shreibati was initially the company’s medical affairs vice president, but recently she was promoted to the chief medical officer of AliveCor’s in February.

AliveCor makes gadgets that record the heart rate of a person, and the process is also called an electrocardiogram. The company received its FDA clearance from EKG and after that, under Shreibati’s service, it has been competing with the likes of Apples and other tech giants.

Well, Shreibati has now joined Google Health research as the CNBC reports. But it is no longer clear whether she will be working on the wearables for the company or not.

Google has recently bought Fitbit, another company that competes with Apple watches. Around 2.1 billion dollars was the price for Fitbit, and the deal was carried out under the justice department to prevent any kind of anti-trust issues. One concern was that they would have more access to data on consumers.

But Google has assured that it has no intention of using Fitbit to amass data on people for their pop-up adds. Instead, it plans on enhancing AI for diagnosing and predicting diseases, or other cardiac problems. And to do that, Google has joined ventures on a partnership with Ascension.

Ascension happens to be the biggest health system in the United States of America.

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