Community Garden Application Are Now Available in Coquille

With the starting of the new decade, we are presented with various different opportunities, and The Coquille Harvest Moon Community Garden is giving people the opportunity by accepting applications submitted for renting garden beds.

This special and innovative new plan has especially been targeted towards people who have the desire to spend hours loving and nurturing plants and flowers but are unable to do so because of the lack of space. And that is especially the case when more and more people are taking up residence in apartment complexes.

The spokesperson of the garden says that the community garden will be the best place to grow organic produce for their family to ensure the best possible food source. “Our garden is designed for everyone, including people who have physical challenges with gardening”, the spokesperson further stated.

After completing a whole decade, The Coquille Harvest Moon Community Garden has every intention to continue on with their work of providing people with the opportunity and space to garden. They also aim to have better and more successful grading years ahead of them in this new decade.

Each of the garden beds rented out to the people is 12-feet by 4-feet by 2-feet. And they are primed and prepared in a way so that whatever people plan to plant in the bed has the best possible arrangement to grow. Everything the gardener might need would be provided to them by the garden, starting from the seed to the fertilizer.

And if someone is not as experienced with gardening, then they do not have much to worry about, there are experienced gardeners who will be available to lend a hand and give some advice to anyone who is looking for it.

They have started taking applications from the 1st of February. The application form can be filled online at or you would go to the Coquille Public Library.

As for the cost, you will have to pay about $20 to grow produce of about 100-pounds for the whole season. Do not wait too long before applying because there’re not many available.

You should be able to locate the garden between the First and Second Street on the 180N, behind Pioneer Methodist Church. You can find more information regarding the garden on their website, or can even email them for further questions.

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