Amazon Engineer Demands Ring to Be “Shut Down Immediately” over Privacy Concerns

In the wake of 2020, the internet broke when an Amazon engineer commented that the company Ring should be shut down immediately because of its poor quality of products. This is surprising and hilarious because the company Ring is owned by Amazon. Let us see why such a thing happened.

What Is Ring Inc.?

Ring Inc. is a smart home security company with a variety of products, among which the main ones are the ring doorbell camera and the neighbor’s app. The company has affiliations with law enforcement agencies, to which there are many criticisms by the media. Recently amazon invested $2bn for the expansion of Ring in 2018.

How Did It Happen?

Many of the employees of Amazon recently gathered together to form Amazon employees for climate justice, which makes sure the company is doing what needs to be done to protect the climate.

The organization posted in medium voicing their concerns about the climate, but some of the members had a bit more to say. An amazon software engineer criticized Ring and called for their immediate shutdown.

What Did Ring Do Wrong?

In January 2019, there were accusations that the employees of Ring have access to the videos recorded at peoples’ houses, which led to the firing of 4 employees of the company.

They also faced legal charges for allowing federal agencies to use the feeds for their investigations. Ring is a company that claims it has millions of customers worldwide, but the company was also recently hacked.

With regard to the problems Ring was facing already, an Amazon employee demanded that they should shut down due to their privacy concerns.The company’s reputation and survival were in a pickle even though neither Amazon nor Ring has made any comments on this matter.

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