Talk in Inverness Tells How Walks Can Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health

Mechanical lifestyle, unsolved emotions, and the shortage of time to do anything about it often result in mental health issues, and this is increasing at an alarming rate day by day.

However, studies show that mental health issues can be reduced by simply just giving yourself a half an hour break from everything that weighs us down. The employees of Inverness are being encouraged to put a hold to their work and take a walk enjoying nature and the little wonders around them. Let us see in detail.

Why This Initiative?

The number of people getting treatment for mental health issues has doubled over the last decade worldwide, and these are just the people who are aware or want to do something about it.

Not to mention the expenses and time it takes. So if simply walking can keep you away from a mental health crisis, why not try that? That’s where the idea of Clarity Walks came from.

Clarity Walks

Recently in Dalneigh, around 600 people daily ditch their life for an hour and go for a walk in the greenness of nature to refresh their mind. This practice is named Clarity Walk.

The organizer, Matt Wallace, explains that walking helps create endorphins that help combat mental health problems. He got the idea to start Clarity Walk when he was working in Glasglow. His depression with work was effecting every aspect of his life until he started going out for walks for no reason, and he suddenly felt better.

In a nutshell, we must understand that, just like our physiological needs, our mental health needs our attention too. I hope this article helps you realize that, and you take a break from all the technology and worries of life and focus on yourself daily for your good.

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