Angela Devi

Angela Devi was a USA-based AV actress, who worked in the industry during the early 2000s. She was born in 1975 (30th July) and died in 2006, at 30 years of age. As per her official website, she was raised in NY City and completed her primary school study in the same city. She began her journey to the world of fame through modeling, by working for Foxes. However, she opened her own website later and began modeling online for them, as well.

Angela Devi: Facts You Should Know

Angela Devi

During her peak years, she had also sold a lot of self-produced clips and videos, through the site, online. She used to talk through a tripod-mounted camera while working on the video. It, in turn, gave an enigmatic charm to the whole clip, while making it look much more intuitive and personalized. Some of the titles produced by her were:

  • Cookie Teasin’
  • Clothing Optional
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry

Angela Devi used to live a rather private life, therefore, there is no information available on her background, parentage, or schooling. Moreover, she used to keep her location or residence a secret as well, until the day of her death.

Death Rumors

On the 1st of April of 2006, a sudden rumor began circulating throughout the internet that Angela Devi had passed away. After some time, her official website offered the same information as well. Also, it stopped admitting new members to the site. The comment regarding her death was removed after 24 hours. Nonetheless, the site was still unavailable to new members. However, after the second day, the website notified each of its members that it would be shut down by the end of the month. And it did so, on 30th April as well.

Hence, the rumor regarding her death began to seem much more established than before. On August 6th of the same year, the website, Lukeisback, confirmed the fact, with a proper filing from the police. The report described that Angela’s body was found inside her house, in Scottsdale. According to the post mortem, she had died around 10.17 AM on 31st March.

A drug overdose was considered to be the cause of her death. The police found several Xanax packages in the kitchen as well. In the end, they removed the rumors of murder and tagged it as a suicide.

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