Jan Burton

Jan Burton is a Welsh vocalist and record producer, who has been working in this field for over a decade. During the beginning of his official career, he allied with Mike Tournier, a former member of Fluke. After working together for some time, they decided to form a duo, called Syntax.

Since then, the duo has worked together and created great music in different studios. They also released an album, recently, to increase their overall recognition amongst the mainstream audience. However, he has not limited himself to Syntax at all. He has also initiated a group, called Fatal, and works with them too.

Jan Burton’s Bio

Jan Burton


Jan Burton is a European music composer with a Welsh background. He began his journey into the world of music solely as a record producer. However, after working for a few years, he tried to broaden his horizon and became a vocalist. He has been offered vocals in several songs, throughout the years, since then. Also, the duo he formed with Mike Tournier, (known as Syntax), in 2002, was discontinued in 2012.

Why is Jan Burton Famous?

Since his inception in the Welsh musical scene, Jan Burton has attempted to modernize it in various ways. His songs have an eloquent melody, which makes it easier for the listeners to join in the music, without hesitation. Owing to this uniqueness, his songs, and produced music, have been quite popular in western culture.

Aside from that, his collaboration with an ex-member of Fluke, also made him quite well-known in the modern music scene. Fluke was an electronic music group, which had a huge fan base in the early 90s. They were particularly famous due to their “dancey” melodies and alluring tunes. The group had also influenced the Acid House Music scene, massively.

Moreover, the solo works of Burton have been popular in the electronic music scene, as well. Besides, he has also featured and collaborated with other artists, which, in turn, had exposed his talent to their fans too.


Through their joint music effort, Burton and Tournier had composed several songs, which went on to become famous, later. Amongst them, the song Destiny had become extremely popular due to its intricate mix of beats and Euro-dance melody. Aside from this one, he also composed Pride and Bliss, which became popular as well.

Apart from producing and creating darker tunes, Jan Burton also provides vocals in various songs. For example, the Gabriel & Dresden track, Dangerous Power, from 2007, had the melodic voice of Burton. The song went on to become extremely well-liked and reached the top position in Hot Dance Club Play.

He returned to the vocals department again in 2010. The first song (featuring him) released during that year, was “Traces Remain”, by Morgan Page’s famous album, “Believe”. He had sung in “I’ve Had Friends”, which belongs to the same album. Aside from that, Burton had also collaborated with a trance music group, called Super8 & Tab, during the same year.

The album was known as “Empire”. Besides the above song, he featured in three other tracks on the same album as well.

In the second half of 2010, Burton returned to the mainstream music scene again, with the song, “The Departure”, produced by Metrik. He also featured in the song, “Niton”, by Eric Prydz, as a vocalist, in 2014. His last project was released in November 2017, with the launch of “Waiting for Winter”, in which he worked with Gabriel & Dresden once again.

Future Projects

Jan Burton tends to be quite secretive, especially regarding his upcoming projects. Hence, there is no news available on what he is currently working on. However, as you already know, Syntax had already been disbanded in 2012, so, you cannot expect anything from the duo soon at all. However, we can still hope that there may be something from them again.

In 2017, Jan Burton had announced, on social media platforms, that he wished to begin a solo project. We have received news of him beginning work on it currently,   Nonetheless, we are still to receive, or learn about, the release date of the solo recording. Hopefully, he will update us soon regarding this!

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